The Oil Blend of Oregano and Cinnamon Might Be the New Age Antibiotics

The Oil Blend of Oregano and Cinnamon Might Be the New Age Antibiotics

Both Oregano and Cinnamon Oils often evoke the thoughts of culinary use, but these herbal oils are also known as powerful antimicrobial, which help fight off infections. Even though, antibiotics are used in animal feeds to treat clinical diseases, the continuous increase in drug-resistant bacteria has forced the scientists & farmers to look for an alternative. Some plant extracts in the form of essential oils have proved effective in keeping farm animals healthy. Oregano and Cinnamon's oils top the list.


As per a study conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture, drug-resistant microbes might cause more than 10 million deaths by the year 2050. It is perhaps the most challenging problem faced by medical and animal health care communities today.


Oregano Oil Concoction is Healthier and Effective than Antibiotics

Oregano oil and cinnamon oil have repeatedly outperformed even antibiotics themselves. There are countless studies that have proved that this essential oil blend helps in fighting E. coli symptoms in piglets. In fact, the goodness of this oil combination is used to protect goats & sheep against parasites and worms. These organic cold pressed essential oils have obtained much more effective and quicker results than their antibiotics counterparts. 


The famous Bell & Evans Air Chilled Chicken that specializes in organic chicken uses oregano oil and cinnamon lace, to protect against the bacterial diseases, all too common among commercial food producers.


Why prefer Oregano Essential Oil over Antibiotics?

There are growing concerns over the excessive use of antibiotics due to the rise of increasingly resistant deadly bacteria. This enhances the chances of the infection being spread among animals suffering in overcrowded conditions. Just cleaning out the water lines regularly to allow harmful bacteria and micro-organism to die is not enough. Fortunately, the food animal market is filling up with better-informed consumers who demand organic, chemical-free meats. 


Why purchase Oregano-Cinnamon Oil from Us?

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