Garlic Essential Oil Barrier to Repel Insects in Crop Fields

Garlic Essential Oil Barrier to Repel Insects in Crop Fields

Do you own a commercial agricultural field or a local nursery? Then, you must be struggling to protect your plants and crops from insect infestation. Monsoon season can only add to your concerns, as mites and insect infestation gets frequent during monsoon. Protect your plants and exotic flowers from those hungry pests with garlic. Yes, you read it right garlic; an easily available vegetable that can help you keep those pesky pests at bay. 

These days, markets are flooded with harsh insecticides and pesticides, but they not only destroy the pests but also impact the overall health of your crops and plants. Organic farmers and gardeners avoid using these harsh chemicals as it adversely affects the quality of the soil and the crops. Garlic Oil can be an effective natural pesticide that can keep the pests away, due to its strong odor. Garlic is a natural deterrent for insects, so you can opt for this easy to prepare natural garlic spray to keep off horn worms, onion flies, and aphids along with dogs and squirrels.       

The article has few DIY remedies to ward off pests from your agriculture field.

Garlic Hot Pepper Spray

    To prepare spray in bulk you need to blend cloves of garlic, dried hot pepper flakes and onion. Add liquid dish soap to the mixture to make a smooth paste.    

    Add this to hot water in a big bucket, mix it well and keep it for two days. 

   Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it on areas in the field, wherever required. 

Garlic Mineral Oil Spray

     Add to garlic paste and keep it aside for a day.

    Add water to a container and mix the mineral oil and garlic paste to it along with fish emulsion fertilizer.

    Keep the mixture in a sealed glass container. Keep the ratio to be 20 parts of water to 1 part of garlic oil.

     Add the garlic mixture to the spray bottle and make sure that you spray it on dry plants. You can spray the mixture all the parts of the plant and repeat it if required.

Garlic can prove to be an effective natural deterrent for pests and insects. Opt for this natural and easy to prepare pesticide that will keep off those insects and will not cause any damage to the plant and soil. Online stores such as HBNO deal in the bulk selling of these oils for commercial usage.

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