Cinnamon Essential Oil - An Effective Remedy for Pest Control in your Farms

Cinnamon Essential Oil - An Effective Remedy for Pest Control in your Farms

Cinnamon - one of the oldest spices in human history is derived from the 'Laurus Cinnamomum' plant. Owing to its highly useful properties, it is a part of almost every must-have essential oils list with more than 100 varieties of Cinnamon bark's oil being shipped worldwide. This essential oil was highly valued by ancient Egyptians and has also been used by Ayurvedic medicine practitioners in Asia for treating everything, from depression to weight gain.

Cinnamon oil is highly concentrated with antioxidants, which makes it a natural digestive aid, blood sugar stabilizer as well as circulation booster. It's also used to combat cardiovascular diseases and fight infections.

Use of Cinnamon Oil in Agricultural Sector

"Emerging trends reveal that the progressive usage of cinnamon essential oil in the agricultural sector has helped augment crop productivity."

What makes this essential oil different is its potency as an insect repellant as well as for pollination. Cinnamon blends well with various essential oils in the soil thus eradicating the need for synthetic toxic additives that impact the environment in a negative way. This cold pressed oil enhances the effectiveness of natural fertilizers and is considered as one of the best crop protection alternate.

Medicinal properties of Cinnamon Essential Oil

Antiparasitic, Anti-inflammatory, Antiplatelet, Antiviral, Anti-inflammation, Increases circulation, Fights viruses, Fights free radicals, Relieves Depression, Immunity booster,Stimulates libido and Fights parasites.

The goodness of Cinnamon Essential Oil keeps pesky insects away from your farms!

"If there are signs of a diseased farm or garden, chances are pretty good that there is a fungus to blame."Β 


Cinnamon Essential Oil can work as an effective pesticide in your farm, keeping those pesky pests at bay. One of the major issues associated with synthetic pesticides is developments of resistance by pests or weeds. However, with essential oils like Cinnamon Oil resistance development is quite slow as compared to the synthetic counterparts owing to the useful mix of active ingredients such as citronellol, limonene etc. Β in the oil.Β 

Apart from pest control, essential oils can prove to be highly effective for boosting organic food production. Cinnamon essential oil isn't just for repelling unwanted creatures from the farms, but the aroma of this oil is also useful for pollination. This oil increases the foraging activity when sprayed on blooming crop.


Why do you need Cinnamon Oil for your crops?

Through the meticulous steps of our proprietary process, we have established ourselves as the global provider of authentic essential oils. Each of our essential oils is packed with pure, botanical essences. If you are searching for an Cinnamon Essential Oil processed with green chemistry that can provide crop protection, then cinnamon oil is made for you. Visit HBNO for finest oils coupled with the best possible wholesale prices.

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