Essential Oils Replacing Antibiotics in Farm Animals

Essential Oils Replacing Antibiotics in Farm Animals

There has always been a scuffle in the animal husbandry sector about the controversial use of antibiotics and its resistance to infectious pathogens. In this blog, we will try to delve deeper into this notion of antibiotics paradox, the misuse of their curative powers, and how the lifesaver essential oils can be used as suitable alternatives.


Misuse of Antibiotics in Livestock

Some studies were undertaken earlier supported the use of small doses of antibiotics in animal feeds. Antibiotics were initially used in animals to treat and cure infectious cattle diseases. Later, these began to be used excessively for enhancing the growth rate of livestock and poultry. However, the rampant use of these drugs led to the frightening development of superbugs the drug-resistant strains of bacteria that completely resisted these antibiotics. In antimicrobial resistance, the pathogen or microbe evolves to become fully resistant to antibiotics. Genetic mutation (permanent alteration in DNA sequences of the gene) could be one reason for this resistance in certain strains of bacteria. In other cases, misuse or overuse of antibiotics can cause random or forced mutations in bacterial strains, making them extremely resistant to antibiotics. Latter has majorly contributed to antibiotic resistance in farm animals.


Startling Facts that support Misuse of Antibiotics in Poultry 

As per a study conducted by USDA, it was found that chickens developed resistance to the antibiotic tetracycline as resistant bacteria were found in their gut within a week, and in a month's span, the stubborn bugs had spread to untreated chickens and even to farmers.


Adverse effects of using Antibiotics in Farms

The repercussions of using AGPs in animal feed are endless. Colonization of resistant bacteria in the gut of the farm animals is one such after effect. Animals that have been fed with antibiotic drugs retain bacterial strains that are resistant to antibiotics. With time, these strains accumulate in the animal, thereby forming a colony of such bacteria in the muscles and gut. Consequently, these bacterial strains will also be present on the excreta/feces of these animals. When humans come in contact with these bacteria in farms, it gets transmitted into their body. The bacteria soon finds its way into more and more individuals. In extreme cases, even treatments do not work for patients inflicted with drug-resistant bacteria.


Essential Oils as AGP substitute in Farms 

Essential oils are derived from plant extracts and have gained huge popularity as natural pest controllers, organic production boosters and even ingredients for personal-care products. Essential oils have great preservative potency with high antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Due to this, the goodness of these oils can be used in animal husbandry against food-borne pathogens. 

In the last few years, essential oils of herbs like marjoram, rosemary, oregano, thyme and yarrow have garnered much recognition in animal diets/feeds as a natural replacement for AGPs (Antibiotic Growth Promoters). These oils have anti-bacterial properties that inhibit the proliferation of fungus and bacteria in the gut of animals. Research shows that supplementation of diets with essential oils like Marjoram or thyme can positively impact the gut flora of non-ruminant animals like fowls and pigs. The chemical constituents in Marjoram oil target bacteria like E. Coli and Salmonella, without inhibiting the growth of good bacteria in the gut. All these characteristics of Essential oil make them an ideal alternative to AGPs in animal feeds.


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