Explaining Organic Essential Oils for Skin & Beauty

Though beauty is much more than physical appearances, the fact remains that first impressions are often created by how you dress, your facial skin and the manner in which you carry yourself. Skincare is perhaps the biggest challenge here. Maintaining healthy skin is difficult as we are surrounded by polluted, toxic elements. Yes, most people do take care of their overall health, including the skin, but the results are often not satisfactory.

There is more to skincare than chemical-heavy options, Enter Essential Oils!
People are more likely to use chemically formulated products for their skin. Though effective, these products can induce long-term damage. Some of them aren’t effective. There is a better way to get healthy and flawless skin. You can get radiant, blemish-free skin without using potentially damaging cosmetic products. Essential oils are one such option—it helps your skin to glow, making it toned in an organic way.
Here, we are going to discuss some of the most popular essential oils for skin and beauty applications:
1. Rose Essential Oil: for Healthier, Stress-free Skin
According to researchers, this essential oil is a blend of several therapeutic compounds that help to heal, especially inflammatory skin conditions and microbial infections. Rose essential oil is used mainly for dry and aging skin. It helps to refine the skin tone and improve texture. It also a helpful aid for managing various skin ailments like Dermatitis and Psoriasis. The other interesting fact of inhaling rose essential oil is preventing dehydration of skin. The essential oil also lowers concentration of stress hormones, like cortisol, in the body.
2. Lavender Essential Oil: Nourish and Heal Your Skin
Lavender essential oil has an amazing aroma that helps you to relax. It aids regeneration of skin cells, effectively healing sun-spots and scars. According to many dermatologists, this oil is one of the most helpful aids for treating acne. It has proven antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory qualities which can be used for all skin types (oily/sensitive and dry/ aging skin).
3. Almond Essential Oil
Almond essential oil has been used since ancient times for bringing radiance to facial skin. It is enriched with Vitamins E, A, B and D, apart from vital proteins, essential fats and minerals. It is used as a part of facial beauty regimens since it has high density of nutrients. Almond essential oil is often regarded as a miracle oil which helps in enhancing the skin tone. Additionally, it is used as moisturizer and as a protective shield, keeping the skin hydrated and supple. This essential oil is used as a medical oil to treat many skin issues like reducing dark circles, treating wrinkles and preventing signs of aging. It also removes impurity and dead skin cells to make the skin healthier. It is also used as a sun-blocker, cleanser and to stimulate growth of eyelashes.
Concluding Thoughts on Using Essential Oils for Healthier Skin
Natural essential oils are a great option to get naturally glowing skin. Further, you get many additional benefits as essential oils help you heal blemishes like acne scars, dark circles and other skin imperfections. Many skincare products are available in the market at cheap rates but most of them are not safe. You need the purity of essential oils that heals and nourishes your skin. These Health and Beauty Natural Oils are organic and now available online. Scientifically researched and tested for purity and safety of use, these natural oils are compatible with most types of skin.

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