How Thyme Oil can Gift you a Good Health?

Thyme Oil has antispasmodic, anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, bacterial, carminative and diuretic qualities. Hence, it is an amalgam of all potential health care remedies, you can think of.  

Thyme is a common herb that is generally used as a condiment or a spice. Besides this, it is also used as an herbal or domestic medicine. This essential oil can be applied in a number of ways such as it can be inhaled, applied tropically or it can also be used as a mouthwash.

Let us explore the qualities and benefits of Thyme essential oil, step by step. 

1.      Energy Booster and Pain Reliever

Thyme oil is a great energy booster. A good massage with thyme essential oil can ease muscle tension in the body.

In order to get relief from abdominal pain or muscle tension in any area, we suggest you to mix three drops of thyme oil in two teaspoons of sesame oil. You will be amazed to see the instant results.   

2.      Fights  Spams

Spams are unwanted involuntary contractions that usually occur in respiratory tracts, nerves, muscles and other organs and often lead to coughs, convulsions, epilepsy and hysterical attacks.

Since, thyme oil is antispasmodic; it can be a great healer in such situations.  

3.      Safeguards Wounds against Infections

Thyme essential oil is antiseptic in nature. In case you are having any scar or wound on your body, apply thyme oil immediately to safeguard it from infections and further damage.

4.      Protects your Heart

Thyme essential oil has cardiac properties. Using it on daily basis can keep heart diseases at bay. It supports proper functioning of heart valves. Since, it is also antispasmodic, it helps the arteries to relax, reduce blood pressure and stress on the heart. It also helps toning the heart and strengthens heart muscles. 





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