Why Cold Pressed Oils are a Better and Healthier Option?

Cooking oils that we use in our daily diet have a huge impact on our body and lifestyle. These oils are extracted from seeds, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Usually the cooking oils are extracted from heat and it can degrade the oil’s nutritional quality and flavour.

Oils produced via low-heat methods may be less in quantity but they have high nutritional value. Cold pressed oils are not only good for health but they also taste better. In this blog we will be discussing everything that you need to know about cold pressed oils and why you should ditch refined oils for them. 


What is the cold press process all about?


In order to extract oil via cold pressing, one needs to crush the seed or nut so that the oil is forced out. The seeds are dropped inside a cylinder that has a rotating screw. The screw continuously crushes and grinds the seeds, until the oil is extracted. Some amount of heat is produced during this entire process but it do not damage the nutritional value of the oil.


Health benefits of cold pressed oils.

According to many researches and surveys, cold pressed oils have a much larger concentration of anti-oxidants than the refined oils. These oils have a high nutrition value. Hence, a number of health benefits are guaranteed.  


How tricky it is to cook with cold-pressed oils?


Cold pressed cooking oils give rich flavour to the food but they are a bit tricky to cook. These oils do not react well to heat. They are most likely to get degraded if they are heated beyond a certain temperature. It is better to drizzle them over finished products for a nice flavour.


Oils like olive oil that contain high level of saturated fat can be grilled and sautéed at high temperature. 


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