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Laurel Berry Fruit Oil

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About the Product

Laurel Berry Fruit Oil

Scientific name : Laurus Nobilis Fruit Oil

Oil origin : Berries

Extraction : Water Extraction

Odor strength: High

Origin : Turkey

CAS 84603-73-6

ENEICS 283-272-5

HS Code 1516.

Appearance Green/Light Brown

Odor & Taste Characteristic, Spicy

Specific Gravity 0.930gr/cm3@20 °C

Flashpoint >100 °C

Iodine 75

SAP 141


The handpicked laurel berries are water extracted by individuals in the remote villages of Turkey. We source from suppliers who support rural development in the region. Laurel berry fruit oil is strongly antibacterial and a delightful addition to cosmetics and formulas alike. World famous Aleppo Soaps are originally made of laurel berry fruit oil. Laurel berry oil is used in Middle Eastern cultures for skin and hair problems such as acne, dry skin, eczema, rashes, psoriasis, rosacea, fungal infections and arthritis. This natural muscle relaxant provides comfort for rheumatism, sore joints and muscle pains when used as massage oil. It also nourishes and softens skin and is commonly used for wrinkles.

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