Bergamot Mint Essential Oil, ORGANIC

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Bergamot Mint Essential Oil Organic

Bergamot Mint Organic Essential Oil
 is extracted from the leaves and flowering tops of the Bergamot mint plant, a hybrid mint cultivar scientifically known as Mentha citrata . It is a perennial herb with violet flowers and heart-shaped leaves. This sun-loving plant is a member of the Lamiaceae or mint family, and though called Bergamot mint, it is not actually related to the Bergamot citrus tree.

Bergamot Mint is widely cultivated and has many other common names: Eau-de-cologne Mint, Horsemint, Lemon Mint, Lime Mint, Orange Mint, Pineapple Mint, Su Nanesi, Water Mint, Wild Water Mint, and (in Central America) Yerba Buena.

Bergamot Mint Organic Essential Oil shares many of the same properties of the mint family, such as its refreshing and uplifting aroma and its antibacterial capacity. A recommended addition for the essential oil lover, HBNO offers Bergamot Mint oil in bulk at wholesale prices and can provide private label services for this product. 


Bergamot Organic Mint Essential Oil (Mentha citrate) has a refreshing aroma that is a blend of citrus and mint. Bergamot Mint Organic Essential Oil’s scent is softer than peppermint, and is similar to spearmint in strength. It also has subtle floral notes, reminiscent of lavender.


  • Aromatherapy: Bergamot Mint Organic Essential Oil is commonly used in aromatherapy to create a refreshing, relaxing, and calming environment.

  • Perfumery: Organic Bergamot Mint Oil’s refreshing scent, with a blend of citrus and mint notes, makes it a valuable ingredient for creating various perfumes and colognes.

    • Top note: Organic Bergamot Mint oil's lighter and brighter scent profile makes it suitable for the top notes of a perfume. It can add a refreshing and uplifting opening to the fragrance.

    • Middle note: In some cases, Organic Bergamot Mint oil can also be used as a middle note, bridging the gap between the top and base notes and adding a touch of complexity to the fragrance.

    • Aromatic accord: Perfumers might also use Organic Bergamot Mint oil to create specific aromatic accords, which are combinations of different essential oils and fragrance materials that create a unique scent profile.

  • Personal Care Products: Organic Bergamot Mint Essential Oil can be found in some personal care products, but due to its potency, it needs to be significantly diluted.

    • Cosmetics - Organic Bergamot Mint Essential Oil is not a common ingredient in cosmetics because of its potential for skin irritation.

    • Soaps and Body Washes - Because of its refreshing scent and possible mild antibacterial properties, Organic Bergamot Mint Essential Oil might be added to soaps in small quantities, primarily for its fragrance.

    • Body Oils and Lotions - When diluted with a carrier oil like jojoba oil or coconut oil, Organic Bergamot Mint Essential Oil can be applied topically to the skin as an ingredient in a refreshing and invigorating massage oil.

  • Home  Care Products:

    • Room Deodorizers - For its pleasant scent.
    • Laundry and Fabric Softeners - In small quantities, for its pleasant scent.

Safety Note:   Organic Bergamot Mint Essential Oil can cause serious eye irritation, and in some persons, can provoke an allergic reaction. Dilute Bergamot Mint Essential Oil prior to any topical application to skin and scalp. Avoid application to the eye area.

HBNO Bergamot Mint Essential Oil

We supply any quantity of oil to anywhere in the world. HBNO Organic Bergamot Mint Essential Oil ships wholesale in bulk 55-gallon drums (180 kg drums). Also available in 1 kg, 4 kg, 25 kg, 180 kg pack sizes, or in any other quantity required by our clients., HBNO also provides a full turn-key private label service of both conventional and organic Bergamot Mint Essential Oil

HBNO is a leading manufacturer of Organic Bergamot Mint Essential Oil

  • Prompt dispatch from HBNO's 100,000 sq foot California warehouse.
  • Technical documents, SDS, Specification, COA available upon request
  • Bulk drum and private labeling services available.


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