Floral Waxes

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Floral Waxes are by-products created during the manufacturing of absolutes. Aromatic and rare, floral waxes can be used in a variety of applications.

By definition, a floral wax is a waxy substance that is primarily derived from flower petals. The properties of floral waxes have enabled their extensive use in the cosmetics industry, making one of the main ingredients in products such as high-quality perfumes, body ointments, and lip balms.

Manufacturing of Floral Waxes Oils and Their Purpose

The most important raw material for the manufacture of floral waxes is flower petals. The aromatic profile of the floral waxes will eventually depend on the nature of the petals used. Once the petals have been selected they are mixed with a compound that separates the aromatic substances from the petals. Wax is also derived during this process. 

The mixture of the aromatic substances and the wax is commonly known as concrete. This byproduct can then be treated with alcohol to separate the aromatic substances from the wax resulting in a substance with a highly concentrated fragrance. The remaining wax still has the aroma of the petals and can still be used and this what we call a floral wax.

Floral waxes are solid at room temperature. In order for them to be successfully used, the liquid form should be obtained first. This is achieved by simply heating the raw material. Floral waxes are unique, the fragrant properties and the nature of the wax depend on the type of flower the product is extracted from. Here are some good examples of floral waxes currently on the market:

  • Blue lotus 

  • Cassie

  • Black currant

  • Chamomile

  • Geranium 

  • Jasmine 

  • Mimosa

  • Lavender

Floral waxes have a wide range of use. However, their use in the cosmetics industry is what draws our attention to them the most. The following products depend on floral waxes as their main ingredient:

  • Body creams and lotions

  • Pomades

  • Organic candle making supplies

  • Mascara

  • Hair wax and lipstick

The cosmetics industry has achieved exponential growth over the past couple of years and the forecast shows it will continue to expand well into the future. The value of the global industry is about $500 billion and these numbers are expected to increase by more than 50% by 2023. These numbers show that there is a good market for the floral waxes for making cosmetics.

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