Essential Oils to Take You to Heaven: Scent and Sensibility

Essential Oils to Take You to Heaven: Scent and Sensibility

For centuries, humans have used aromatherapy as an exclusive method of providing relief to the mind and the body. Various cultures have used essential oils to practice medicine. And now that there has been more research on the subject, the validity of essential oils has increased more than ever. The purpose behind using essential oils can be anything from specific aromatherapy sessions or just for the captivating fragrance. In terms of aromatherapy, essential oils are quite easy since all you need to do is inhale a drop or use a diffuser to spread the fragrance in your room, car, or any other space. The question, however, remains: which essential oil smells the best? The answer may be subjective based on personal preferences. However, there are some essential oils that have come to gain more popularity than others. Based on that, we have 5 essential oils you can try. 


One of the most commonly used essential oils, lavender has set its reputation easily with its unforgettable scent. If you have ever passed a lavender field, you know what we are talking about. The fragrance of this particular plant is refreshing to the core. This is why it can have a strong calming effect. Use lavender oil to sleep soundly at night. If you are looking for more floral fragrance options other than lavender, look for jasmine or geranium oils. You can also combine various floral scented oils to create a unique fragrance.


As a tree oil, sandalwood makes an impressive essential oil. Have you ever come across a sandalwood tree? The exotic grounding scent of this tree is ideal for aromatherapy. The woody, earthy fragrance of sandalwood helps in dispelling tension and in calming the mind. Traditionally, sandalwood has been used to create a calm ambiance for meditation and praying. Do you enjoy the woody smell of sandalwood but want more similar options to try? Try cedarwood or balsam essential oils that have similar earthy aromas for a smooth, soothing experience. 


The scent of lemons feels refreshing, clean, and new that instantly soothes the mind. This is why lemon essential oils have been in demand so much. Research on this particular oil has proved that lemon oil can be a better mood lifter than any other oil, including lavender. Wanna try out other variations of citrusy fragrances? How about you look for options other than lemon oils? For instance, try grapefruit or oranges that provide similar kinds of citrusy scents. 


Peppermint has been used in various ways from lip balms and toothpaste to cooking cookies. The refreshing aroma and flavor of peppermint are popular for all the right reasons. Ideal for aromatherapy, peppermint oil is quite versatile. Use this oil for cooking or medicinal purposes. It can help in reducing migraines, repelling insects, and whatnot. 


The scent of cinnamon is sweet with a hint of something reminiscent of happy tropical vibes. It can also be quite seductive as a fragrance. Hence, cinnamon oil makes perfect use as a fragrance on date nights. Plus, the scent might have you craving some freshly baked cookies. Cinnamon oil is highly addictive with its sweet scent and additionally, it can be an amazing nutritional source with its high antioxidant levels. The scent of this oil is quite unique from other scented essential oils. If you are looking for more such variations, you can try clove oil which smells strongly of sweet flavourful spices. Even rosemary and sage essential oils can give a lovely aroma that's closer to the kitchen. 

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