Floral Water: Divine Concoction or Forgotten Elixir?

Floral Water: Divine Concoction or Forgotten Elixir?

Nature has provided us with solutions to many problems, some unearthed while others remain concealed from the human grasp. Plants and flowers are known to carry the essence of several medicinal benefits ideal for our body and our mind.  Floral water is one such extract. However, not much is known about these which is why we are here with an article to explain if they are worth the purchase or not. 

How is Floral Water Made?

It is obvious from the name itself that Floral water is a particular plant- and flower-based product. It has several benefits that are mainly seen on the skin when used. The extraction of floral water involves immersing a flower or a plant in a container full of water that has no mineral salts (in other words, distilled water). When you bring this water containing the plant to almost a boiling point, the aroma is extracted along with several useful components. The fragrance is obtained through the steam that comes from the heated water. Once gained, the components are clarified or decanted to perfection leading to a liquid that has the ideal balance of water and essential oil.

Are Essential Oils and Floral Water the Same?

No, essential oils and floral waters are vastly different, especially if you consider the buildup process and the components included in the concentration. Floral waters require a proper blend of aromatic compounds present in the plant with water. Essential oils, on the other hand, are sourced out by distilling flowers or plants directly without the involvement of water. Hence, essential oils have a stronger and more intense aroma than floral water. Essential oil solutions also happen to be more oleaginous in concentration. Moreover, while using essential oils, you need to be more cautious because of their high potency. Comparatively, floral waters are more mild and easy to handle. 

Is Floral Water Beneficial or Just a Hoax?

There has been a strong skepticism around the use of floral waters, especially since they are known to be less potent than essential oils. However, floral waters are enriched with beneficial properties that prove to be better for the skin than essential oils. Check out the following floral waters that can give a healthy glow to your skin. 

Rose Floral Water

Rose floral water contains high amounts of fatty acids along with polyphenols which are proven to be an organic antioxidant substance. Because of its nourishing properties, rose floral water can provide anti-aging benefits.

Mallow Floral Water

Mallow floral water has a high concentration of anthocyanins. These substances make the texture of your skin smooth. 

Chamomile Floral Water

Chamomile floral water is another beneficial type that has the ability to provide relief to the skin from blemishes. It is ideally used for sensitive skin. If your skin gets easily affected by pollution, dust, cold, and other such factors, using chamomile floral water can help.

Lavender Floral Water

Lavender and extracts of the plant are widely popular in the cosmetics industry.  That's because lavender contains rejuvenating and purifying elements that help in cleansing the skin from within. Lavender floral water has antibacterial properties that reduce blemishes and forbid new pimples to appear on the skin. You can also use this floral water for minor injuries.

Rosemary Floral Water

For those who have oily skin, rosemary water works the best in purifying the skin and keeping it oil-free with antioxidant properties.

Cornflower Floral Water

Cornflower floral water has astringent properties that allow it to be a perfect toner for the skin to use against under-eye circles, eye bags, and fatigue. 

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