Wintergreen Essential Oil: Uses & Significance in Beekeeping Industry

Most of you might be unaware of the fact that there is a direct connection between essential oils and the beekeeping industry. Surprised? Well, essential oils are a good source of food for honeybees and act as natural pesticides too. Usage of essential oils is not restricted to the preparation of food, personal care, medicine and cosmetics products rather it’s used in bulk in beekeeping industry to feed bees and ward off seasonal mites and insects. Essentials oils have a strong scent that repels insects and it’s proven that these have antifungal, antimicrobial, insecticidal and miticidal effects on pests in the field. Beekeepers commonly use essential oils extracted from banana, lemongrass, peppermint, tea tree and wintergreen for multiple purposes. Wintergreen Essential Oil is definitely one of the most prominent ones used in the beekeeping industry.  


Uses of Wintergreen Oil in Bee Industry 

Wintergreen oil is highly treasured by beekeepers all across the globe as it’s an effective natural deterrent for insects and mites. The effectiveness of oil depends on the quantity, concentration of oil and degree of insect infestation. Frequently spraying wintergreen oil over plants will keep the plant disease and insect free.


Control Insects and Mite Infestation

Wintergreen oil can effectively curb varroa mite and other seasonal insect infestation. Feeding bees with wintergreen oil mixed in sugar syrup can keep the predator insects away from the bees as well as the hive. Many effective homemade pesticides can be made using pure wintergreen oil to keep pesky predators away. 


Wintergreen Oil Diet for Honey Bees 

Essential oils are the best food for bees and are fed in 1:1 ratio with sugar syrup via hive feeders. Wintergreen Essential Oils fed to bees using semi-solid patties, the essential oil mixture is spread between waxed paper and given to bees to consume. Another method is to pour the mixture over the bodies of the bees so that the mites are automatically repelled by the scent of their bodies. Antifungal properties of oil can help maintain bee and beehive healthily. 


Essential oils are used in beekeeping industry for multiple purposes. Protection of bees from insects is one major reason behind the bulk consumption of wintergreen oil by beekeepers. Online stores such as HBNO that deal in the bulk selling of essential oils can prove to be a dependable source of obtaining genuine Wintergreen Oil at wholesale prices. 

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