Garlic Oil: An Effective Bird Repellent

Garlic Oil: An Effective Bird Repellent

Right from the time soil is prepared for sowing the seeds, to the time when produce is packed; it is ensured that no harmful chemicals get used. Even for protecting the crops from birds and other insects, 100% natural substances are used. Garlic Essential Oil is one of those effective bird repellents, which not only keeps the birds at bay but also makes sure that the soil's fertility does not get affected and the nutritional value of the grown crops stays intact.


Several bird species, like sparrows, cause irreparable damage to farms by feeding on ripening nuts, crops, and fruits. For keeping these birds away, an effective, non-toxic bird repellent is required. This need of farmers is perfectly fulfilled by Garlic Oil - an economical and safe alternative for better protection of crops. The pungent odor of this oil can easily repel pests around fruit bearing trees. The garlic oil pest repellent can be sprayed on vegetables, flowers, plants and even ponds to keep insects and ground bugs at bay. You can prepare your own garlic oil pest repellent by mixing garlic oil and water in the ratio of 1: 20.


Safer Alternative for Crop Protection: Garlic Oil

The green pesticide, Garlic oil, is repulsive to birds and makes sure that the farmers have higher crop yields as they're proven to be effective in the agricultural fields. Unlike usual ways of pest control, in which a lot of chemicals and synthetic compounds are used, this green and environmentally benign herbicide is an eco-friendly way to keep birds and insects away from the crops. This non-lethal repellent also reduces the concern for environmental damage caused by excessive use of synthetic, chemical-based pesticides.


Understand Agricultural Use of Garlic Oil in Detail

Garlic oil is easy to spray on backyard gardens, greenhouse plants, turfgrass and farm-raised crops. It also keeps away seasonal insects that can take a toll on farm produce. However, all garlic are not as effective. Only some varieties are perfect for garlic oil extraction. You want your garlic oil to create a powerful barrier. This is not your grocery store variety of garlic. Only the perfect pick of garlic essential oil can be used for disinfecting acres of gardens, row crops or widespread orchards. There are no issues like the taste of garlic or odor making its way into the actual crop. Garlic oil is now recommended by organic farm regulatory organizations who vouch for the non-toxic, all natural and safe qualities of essential oils like garlic oil. In fact, recent trends suggest the rising use of garlic oil in nurseries where saplings are raised without chemical spraying. A big factor that makes garlic oil a good choice is that it is totally safe for farm animals, people and even fish and poses no threat to natural resources like soil and water.


"Tip: Spray fruit-bearing trees when the fruit actually begins to ripen. Don't pre-pone the application. Garlic Oil leaves no residue and does not impact the taste of the fruit."


Expanding Role of Essential Oils in Agricultural, Crop-raising Methods

Today, Garlic Oil is widely adopted in gardening and agricultural practices. If you are looking for an all-natural safer alternative for your yield, you can contact Health and Beauty Natural Oils (HBNO) for bulk/wholesale supply of these plant based oils. From them, you get hygienically packed pure garlic oil, which is environment-friendly and available at reasonable prices. 


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