Nutritive Value of Basil Essential Oil for Animal Feeding

Aromatic essential oils play a vital role in improving the overall health of animals. Like humans, animals also need that extra drop off care for long life. But while buying essential oils we need to keep certain things in mind. Though they are beneficial for some animals, they might be allergic to some. Not every oil is beneficial for every animal. For instance, some animals are allergic to oils like thyme, clove, lime, spruce and so on. 

Basil Essential Oil is native to India but nowadays popular throughout the world. It is also known as “king of herbs” or “royal herb”. The green leaves of Basil contain a high concentration of minerals, vitamins, ocimene and methyl chayecol, which are essential for productivity in animals. Also, basil comes in different varieties.


What is the Nutritive Value of Basil Essential Oil?

Different breeds of basil oil consist of varying proportions of nutritive elements. Essential Oils are considered healthy due to its natural healing properties, which are beneficial for animals. Basil has insect repelling, anti-fungal, antiviral and antioxidant characteristics that are helpful in keeping diseases in animals at bay. And the best thing is that the aromatic fragrance of the oil keeps the animal’s mood positive.


What Precautions Should be Taken While Choosing Essential Oils?

As mentioned above, some animals are allergic to certain essential oils, therefore, it's best if you consult a veterinarian before buying an oil. It is recommended not to use such oils for underage animals. There are some essential oils, which should never be used for animals like garlic, juniper, horseradish, thyme, etc. Give small doses of essential oils, in the beginning, to make them habitual.


Always remember that with a little research, essentials oils can turn out to be very useful to animals.


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