Medicinal Facts Of Black Seed Essential Oil

Medicinal Facts Of Black Seed Essential Oil

Embrace the world of therapeutic essential oils to rejuvenate your body and mind to the core. 

The blossoming fragrance of black seed oil speaks volumes about its manifold advantages to skin, hair and health. The black seed oil has therapeutic substances, including antioxidants, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and a great pain reliever. 


The black seed essential oil contains a crucial ingredient Thymoquinone that activates the immune system of the body amongst a list of hundred components, namely, Omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, Vitamin A (retinoids) and lots more. This essential oil is also helpful in treating mouth ulcers and inflamed gums. It acts as an effective pain reliever when applied to a burn immediately for reducing pain and healing. 

Health Benefits

- Black Seed oil also has a Nigellone ingredient with anti-histamine properties that treats allergies and bronchial disorders.

- Black seed oil is an efficient humectant that gives you a youthful face that’s free of wrinkles. 

- Averts premature graying of hair through its nourishment. 

- Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, this is the best healer of various kinds of disturbed skin conditions. 

Foundation and Uses

The exclusive black seed essential oil cultivates in Middle East, Africa and India. Although, it is believed that its most effective and therapeutic variety is found in India. This wonderful essential oil lends its aroma and extracts to daily moisturizers, cosmetics, aromatherapy, personal care products, hair products, dietary supplements to name a few examples. 

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