Cold Pressed Oil is a Healthier Alternative to Refined Oil

There are different kinds of edible vegetable oils available in the market. The oil we use for cooking are extracted from the sources like, fruits, flowers, dried herbs, and shrubs by heating at some temperature. These extracted oils add taste and nutrients to the food items. However, heating can deteriorate the nutritional qualities and tastes as well. Then the question arises: are these oils good for our health? If these oils have no nutritional value, then what should be the solution to have healthy nutritional benefits?


Cold pressing process: the best solution 


Cold pressing process is the best alternative solution to get healthy edible essential oil. This healthy process doesn’t use any external heating process or any harsh chemicals. Relatively, the process is carrying out at high temperature that is obtained by internal friction and ensures to maintain its properties. It involves crushing of the seeds or flowers to extract oil from the essence of plants. 


Why Cold Pressed Oils are recommended?


Cold Pressed Oils are the most preferred option owing to various health benefits including skin nourishment, massage oil to cooking oil. These oils preserve all the essence, aroma and nutritional value to make oil good for cooking and nourish the skin as well. These oils are cholesterol-free with zero fatty acids that deliver good skin care products and healthy edible essential oil. Let’s discuss about some health beneficial properties of cold pressed oils:


Chemical Free Cold Pressed Oils


100% herbal, zero additives and zero preservatives.


Cold Pressed Oils Are Rich in Anti-Oxidants


Its anti-oxidant property offers numerous skin and health benefits. This powerful substance prohibits oxidation and gives protection from the damage of radicals in the body.


Preservation of Organic Ingredients


The process of cold pressing reduces all harmful effects that occurred due to conventional method of extraction. This mechanical process involves less heat and zero chemical preservatives that retain original natural essence in the oil.


Therapeutic Grade Quality 


This method produces therapeutic grade quality oil by maintaining its organic healthy benefits comparatively than refined edible vegetable oils available in the market.


NOTE TO BE CONSIDERED: The oil should be preserved in air-tight vessels and keep away from heat and light.


Therefore, organic, cold pressed oils are the best alternative for skin care and health. The method involves no chemical extraction with gentle heating process to retain valuable ingredients of plant in the oil. For your overall well-being, HBNO discovers numerous ideas by serving us many health products like cold pressed essential oil, floral hydrolates, organic essential oils and blends. In our Cold Pressed Oil products we deal in Lemon Cold Pressed Essential Oil, Chaulmoogra Seed Oil, Virgin, and Cold Pressed to Lime Cold Pressed Essential Oil.  The raw materials are inspected through quality control and offer 100% Satisfaction guarantee policy.

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