Celery Seed Essential Oil - Best Ayurvedic Solution for Arthritis

 Celery Seed Essential Oil - Best Ayurvedic Solution for Arthritis


Extracted through the process of steam distillation, the celery oil exudes a fresh yet spicy fragrance which is warm and earthy in feel.


Being an effective antioxidant the celery oil also works as a relaxing and calming agent for your mind and body due to its rejuvenating and uplifting aroma. Relieving you from internal issues of liver/spleen, inadequate indigestion, internal discomfort, balancing the hormones, treating cold, flu, etc. the Celery Seed Essential Oil is used as an ingredient in cosmetic goods and application.

Benefits and Uses

- The celery seed essential oil is a perfect solution for maintaining the hormonal imbalance.

- An effective cure for people suffering from severe rheumatism and gout.

- The antioxidant capacity of this celery oil combats free radical damage.

- The oil reduces cellulite along with puffy skin feeling.

- Highly beneficial for curing arthritis, the celery seed oil also stimulates the body and mind keeping you stress free.

- Ideal for use as an insect repellentΒ 

- Can be added to most of the cosmetic applications, soaps, perfumes, aromatherapy etc.


- The oil is not be consumed. If done, rinse your mouth thoroughly

- The celery oil is to be kept away from flame inducing products

Health and Beauty Natural Oils give you the opportunity to experience sheer bliss by incorporating this oil to your daily routine. Stay protected from insect bites, acute digestion problems, arthritis, etc. and infuse a cheerful spirit into your life by using beauty products that contain this celery oil as an ingredient. The oil is sure to keep your skin supple and soft and is a great way of getting done with puffy skin and the excessive cellulite from your body.

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