Benefits of Using Clove Oil in Animal Husbandry

Essential oils are natural, aromatic and volatile compounds found in the stem, flowers, seeds, barks and other parts of the plants. Apart from their use in beauty treatments and food preparation, these natural substances are also beneficial in animal husbandry and plant pollination.

The substantial increase in the use of these natural compounds as feed additives in providing nutrition to animals is due to the excellent properties which they possess. The harmful hazards posed by commercial antibiotics in animal husbandry are the main reason why essential oils and herbs are increasingly used as substitutes. Natural oils, like Clove Oil, are blessed with signification anti-microbial properties. When added to the animal feel they help to improve the overall digestive process.

In combination with other herbs, these oils are finding an increasing presence in animal husbandry applications, becoming a part of everyday farm animal/livestock management. The increasing popularity in the deployment of clove oil is due to their efficacy in improving the health status of the animal and are beneficial for humans as well (via food chain).


Why go for clove essential oil for animal husbandry?

Experts say that chemical compounds of essential oils promote the killing of a tumor. Also, it aids resistance to infectious diseases. The potency of these natural oils helps in protecting plants from different infections, stabilizing temperature variations, repelling pests and much more. Nowadays, the plant additives are used in animal feeds to improve intestinal health of animals during the gestation period, which is beneficial for the food chain in the long run. 

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