Marjoram Essential Oil - Green Herb for Animals and Livestock

Marjoram is a perennial herb that has been used since the time of Greeks as medicine. Sweet Marjoram, or simply Marjoram is one variety of the fifty different types of oregano. The herb belongs to the family Labiatae, which also includes basil, anise, dill, cumin etc. The use of essential oils is not only good for humans but for animals/pets as well. Externally, the essential oil can be used in two different ways for pets – either as an aromatic diffuser or as an oil (in minute concentrations) for gentle massage. Both ways, the essential oil can make your pet more relaxed and calm. In recent years, Marjoram Essential Oils have garnered much recognition in animal diets/feeds as a natural replacement for AGPs (Antibiotic Growth Promoters).


"There are many risks involved with AGPs in Animal Feed. Colonization of resistant bacteria is one such after math."


Animals that have been fed with antibiotic drugs retain bacterial strains that are resistant to antibiotic. As time passes by, these strains proliferate in the animal, thereby forming a colony of such bacteria in muscles and gut. Consequently, these resistant bacteria will be present in their excreta/feces. When humans come in contact with these bacteria in farms, it gets transmitted into their body through hands. The bacteria soon finds its way into more and more individuals. In extreme cases, even treatments do not work for patients inflicted with drug-resistant bacteria.


How Marjoram Essential Oil Works as a Feed?

Marjoram oil has been proven to have antibacterial properties that inhibit the proliferation of fungus and bacteria in the gut of animals. Research shows that supplementation of diets with essential oils like Marjoram can positively impact the gut microbiota of non-ruminant animals. The chemical constituents in Marjoram oil target bacteria like E. Coli and Salmonella, while allowing the growth of good bacteria in the gut. All these characteristics of Essential oil can be a good alternative to AGPs in animal feeds. 


While incorporating essential oils in animal foods, it is very important that you source for superior quality essential oil. Health and Beauty Natural Oils (HBNO), based in California, is committed to offering its customers with the highest quality essential oils at competitive prices. HBNO’s Marjoram Essential Oil is cold pressed from plants that have been grown organically. We provide essential oils in both bulk and wholesale qualities to all parts of the world.

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