Triethyl Citrate (TEC)

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BOTANICAL NAME Triethyl Citrate, Oil
CAS 77-93-0
EC 201-070-7
Oil Part of Plant -
AROMA PROFILE Odorless to slightly tart and fruity



Additional information

Triethyl citrate (TEC) is a widely used natural compound. Produced by the fermentation of ethanol and citric acid -- both naturally-occurring substances -- TEC is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic and biodegradable liquid that is recognized as safe for human consumption by both the FDA and FEMA.
TEC is not an aromatic compound, nor does it impart much flavor (although it does add a slightly tart flavor to foods, which can enhance the overall flavor of the other ingredients.) TEC’s primary use stems from its solubility in both water and oil, making it an excellent emulsifier in food formulations such as mayonnaise, ice cream, chocolates, peanut butter, cookies, creamy sauces, margarine, and baked goods to prevent the separation of their oil and water components. This property is useful for creating thicker sauces, smoother creams, and more spreadable dips. Emulsifiers also give these foods a smooth texture and increase their shelf life.
TEC also finds application in aromatherapy and cosmetics as a solubilizing agent for fragrances and essential oils, especially blended mixtures, enhancing their release and improving fragrance performance. It also acts as a skin conditioning agent, promoting hydration and reducing skin irritation.
Triethyl citrate (TEC) is a versatile aliphatic ester with a wide range of applications in various industries. Here's a comprehensive overview of its primary uses:
1. Plasticizer: TEC is commonly used as a plasticizer for various plastics, particularly polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It imparts flexibility, durability, and workability to the plastics, making them suitable for various applications, including packaging materials, construction materials, and consumer goods.
2. Solvent: Due to its non-polar nature and excellent solvating properties, TEC is employed as a solvent for various substances, including resins, lacquers, and nitrocellulose. It effectively dissolves and disperses these materials, making it useful in coatings, adhesives, and other industrial processes.
3. Food Additive: TEC finds applications as a food additive in various products, particularly chewing gum, candy, and ice cream. It acts as a humectant, preventing the products from becoming hard or sticky, and also contributes to their overall texture and mouthfeel.
4. Emulsifier: TEC serves as an emulsifier in certain food products, helping to stabilize and maintain a uniform mixture of different phases, such as oil and water. This property is particularly useful in salad dressings, mayonnaise, and other oil-based emulsions.
5. Pharmaceutical Excipient: TEC is used as an excipient in some pharmaceutical formulations, acting as a solubilizing agent and enhancing the bioavailability of certain drugs. It can also contribute to the stability and shelf life of pharmaceutical products.
6. Personal Care Products: TEC finds applications in personal care products, such as soaps, shampoos, and lotions. It acts as a humectant, helping to retain moisture and prevent skin dryness. In perfumery, TEC acts as a fixative. TEC does not evaporate easily, and it helps to bind the fragrance molecules together and make them last longer.
7. Industrial Applications: TEC is utilized in various industrial applications, including as a component in paint thinners, printing inks, and textile softeners. It also finds use in the production of adhesives, sealants, and lubricants.
TEC's versatility and range of applications stem from its unique properties, including its colorless, odorless nature, good solubility in various solvents, and compatibility with a wide range of materials. As a result, TEC remains a valuable chemical with diverse applications across various industries.

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