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Oregano Essential Oil, ORGANIC

  • 1/3 oz
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  • 1/2 KG (1.1 LB)
  • 1 KG (2.2 LB)
  • 4 KG (8.8 LB)
  • 25 KG (55 LB)
If you want to adopt an environment-friendly lifestyle then you should consider changing what you eat and use on your body. The truth is that many soaps and body lotions out there are filled with chemicals that are potentially harmful. What you need is an organic body soap that offers a good fragrance and keeps your skin healthy. Our wholesale body soap comes at an affordable price. Each organic bath soap is handmade with only natural products. Benefits of Using Organic Soap Soaps that contain artificial preservatives can leave your skin dry and even cause rashes. Harmful chemicals can travel from the skin into your blood which can lead to toxic effects after prolonged exposure. Taking the decision to use an organic bath soap has so many proven advantages. Because a natural organic soap is made from essential oils, it confers the same benefits. Depending on which essential oil was used, a natural body soap bar can: Improve skin elasticity Reduce wrinkles Hydrate skin Reduce oil production Treat acne Make skin clearer Give skin a shiny luster Promote healing Reduce rashes Top Natural Bath Soaps At Health and Beauty Natural Oils, we offer you the chance to buy bulk handmade soap. Each organic handmade soap has ingredients that promote healthy and shiny skin. Purple Rain Soap This soap contains lavender, rosemary, coconut, and olive oils. We also add organic sandalwood powder to give it a firmer consistency. This soap has a very sweet smell so each time you use it you will feel fresh. Purple rain soap gives your skin a glowing look. Charcoal Powder Soap This soap contains several essential oils and charcoal powder. Charcoal attracts dirt, microbes, and toxins. Using an organic soap that contains charcoal gives you a clear complexion. If you have acne or other irritating skin conditions this soap can work miracles. Our Advantage We sell bulk natural soap made from essential oils and butter. Our wholesale store is stocked up with a wide variety of natural soaps, so your options are not limited. Each soap comes at an affordable price. All of our soaps are handmade so we pay special attention to what we add. We also have natural hand soap that will not dry your skin. Simply order for as many soaps as you want and we will ship to your location!