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Oregano Essential Oil, ORGANIC

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Health and Beauty Natural Oils (HBNO) is a wholesale body lotion provider. We sell different types of body lotions that will moisturize and repair already damaged skin. Each organic lotion is made from natural ingredients.

Avoid creams that would block your pores and cause more damage. Instead buy an organic body lotion that will nourish your skin. Essential oils used are the main ingredients responsible for the amazing transformation after using an all-natural organic body lotion.

Our Natural Lotions

Loaded with natural ingredients such as Lavender, tea tree oil, and vitamin C, organic lotions have so many proven advantages. Natural oils do not clog up pores. Using these lotions on a regular basis will leave you with youthful and glowing skin. Slow down the appearance of wrinkles by applying the best all-natural body lotion before sleep.

We sell a wide range of body lotions which will regenerate your skin. If you have a skin condition that causes your skin to dry up, a lotion with vitamins A, E, and C will provide great results.

Lavender Body Lotion

The main ingredient of this lotion, lavender floral water has been shown to reduce all spots, lighten dark circles, tighten skin, and treat dry skin. A combination of coconut, sunflower, and avocado oils makes our lavender body lotion special.

Lemon Mango Lotion

The lemon extract in this body lotion provides loads of antioxidants. Get rid of dark spots while maintaining moisture and reducing wrinkles with HBNO lemon mango body lotion. This all-natural organic body lotion is perfect for sensitive skin.

Pineapple Paradise Body Lotion

Infused with vitamin A and E, Shea butter, lavender floral water, evening primrose, pineapple natural fragrance, and other natural products, this body lotion leaves skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.

Our Advantages

Buying your organic moisturizing lotion from HBNO has so many advantages. First of all, each lotion is made from natural products. We do not add artificial preservatives as these may be irritating to the skin. In addition to this, we sell different quantities. So whether you want to buy only one bottle or our Lavender natural lotion or a dozen bottles, we sell at wholesale prices. 

Also, we provide shipment to all parts of the world. Once you make an order, we can deliver it to you within a matter of days!