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Chamomile Body Butter

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Bath and body products can be easily found anywhere you go. The demand for such products will never dwindle because they are used in our day to day lives. Products such as soaps, body washes, and lotions fall into this quality of products. Although many types of body washes and soaps exist, one thing that is certain is that their qualities are different.

What Is Produced from Bath and Body Products?

Organic bath and body products do not have any chemicals added to them. Most bath and body products have been treated with chemicals to add artificial flavors or simply to prevent the products from going bad on the shelves.

There are an infinite amount of natural bath products and the ingredients used to create them are even more numerous. Staying true to their nature, all-natural bath products are mostly void of chemicals, using organic preservatives such as T-50 vitamin E oil and grapefruit seed extract. 

Plant-based materials such as aloe vera, roses, calendula, lavender, and jojoba are extracted from various parts of the world and are used in both organic and synthetic bath and body products. Their uses range from their hydration properties to their fragrances and really, they are whatever the consumer needs them to be and all is based on their choices.

The production methods used to make organic bath products such as soaps remain largely the same as their synthetic counterparts. In the case of soaps, the process of saponification, in which lye is added to animal fat to produce soap and glycerol as products, is used. However, the fragrances and preservatives are not of a chemical nature and in some cases, are not used at all.

What Are Bath and Body Products?

Other natural bath and body products such as lotions are made in the same way as their synthetic cousins, by combining oil and water with an emulsifier, but with minimal to absent use of chemical preservatives, oils and fragrances.

The processes used in making organic products at bath and body works are the same as the ones used in making chemical-based products, the technology and apparatus remain the same. The continuous process of making soap, for example, is made by large soap manufacturing companies all over the world and requires the use of a "hydrolyzer", to split natural fat into fatty acids, a special freezer to cool the recently saponified soap and rollers (mills) to help knead and crush the soap before it is cut and stamped in a process called milling.

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