What is Triethyl Citrate and Where is it Used?

What is Triethyl Citrate and Where is it Used?

Triethyl citrate is a useful substance made from ethyl alcohol and citric acid. It's used in many industries for different purposes, not just because of what it's made of. Let's take a closer look at how triethyl citrate is used, especially in skincare and making perfumes.

Understanding Triethyl Citrate:

Technically speaking, triethyl citrate is a clear, colorless, oily liquid. It can be sourced naturally from plants or synthesized in the lab, offering flexibility in its production. This compound has gained significant attention for its role as a viscosity-increasing agent in cosmetic formulations and as a solvent in perfumes and other beauty products.

Triethyl Citrate in Skincare:

One of the noteworthy applications of triethyl citrate lies in skincare. Studies have revealed its positive impact on the microenvironment of pores and its keratolytic activity. This may make it a valuable ingredient for those with blemish-prone skin. 

Triethyl Citrate in Skin Care Products:

In the world of skincare formulations, triethyl citrate is not only valued for its functional benefits but also for its compatibility with other ingredients. Its incorporation in skincare products is a testament to its ability to contribute positively to the overall efficacy of these formulations.

Triethyl Citrate in Skin Perfume:

Beyond skincare, triethyl citrate extends its influence into the realm of fragrances. Used as a solvent in perfumes, it contributes not only to the scent but also to the overall formulation of beauty products. Its role in enhancing the dispersion of fragrances makes it a valuable component in creating skin perfumes that are both effective and alluring.


Triethyl citrate, with its diverse applications in skincare and perfumery, stands out as a key ingredient in the formulation of cosmetic and beauty products. As consumers increasingly seek safe and effective solutions, the multifaceted benefits of triethyl citrate make it a noteworthy player in the world of personal care. Whether in skincare routines or the creation of enchanting perfumes, triethyl citrate continues to make its mark in the quest for effective and delightful beauty products.





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