Understand the Healing & Therapeutic Properties of Clove Leaf Oil

Understand the Healing & Therapeutic Properties of Clove Leaf Oil

Being a prominent part of many recipes due to its overpowering taste and fruity aroma, clove has been regarded as one of the most valuable spices known to mankind…well documented in world history and it finds repeated mention in books of ancient medicine. 

The oil of clove is equally sacred, held high above some other essential oils because of its undisputed healing nature. Not only does this natural essential oil smell good but it also has many unique properties that make it a must-have for herbal medicine, natural therapies, cosmetic industries, and household cleaning needs. Here, we present a comprehensive account of this botanical oil, sharing facts collected from trusted resources…

Starting the Clove Oil Journey: “which” oil of clove?

Extracted from clove buds, Clove Leaf Essential Oil is counted among the most versatile of natural oils with a myriad of applications. Botanical historians trace its origin to Indonesia and Malacca. The clove tree is hardy and needs minimal caring. Evergreen in nature, the tree has green leaves. However, the potent natural oil is extracted from rose-to-peach colored flower buds. These buds turn a deep shade of red brown upon drying. The nail-shaped clove dries to the extent that it is instantly combustible. The aromatic oil it produces is highly therapeutic in nature.

Clove Oil comes with a strongly spicy aroma. This is natural considering clove is an aromatic spice. The aromatic natural oil has warm notes along with a strong scent that is hard to mimic. Clove oil stands as one of the hardest to duplicate of all essential oils probably due to this reason. Expect real clove oil to be colorless in appearance. It might have a pale shade of yellow on some occasions. The consistency varies from watery to slightly thicker viscosity. Clove essential oil is also extracted from stem and leaves, i.e. besides clove buds. Upon steam distillation, you get substantial volumes of this herbal essential oil – the yield is impressive in terms of volume.

CLOVE LEAF OIL is considered the most volatile and healing of all types of clove oils. This is because leaf clove oil contains the maximum concentration of caryophyllene and compounds like eugenol and eugenol acetate. Some people also recommend using natural clove stem oil due to the fact that it often has a higher concentration of eugenol than clove bud oil in some regions but this is not always the case. Essential clove oil can refer to clove bud oil too but in essence, all oils of clove rank high in terms of versatility and having an impressive percentage of eugenol. However, for purely medicinal applications, CLOVE LEAF OIL is widely preferred. Primary chemical components of clove essential oil:


  • Beta-caryophyllene
  • Methyl salicylate
  • Gallotannic acid 
  • Caryophyllene
  • Acetyl eugenol
  • Crategolic acid
  • Oleanolic acid
  • Monoterpenes
  • Stigmasterol
  • Kaempferol
  • Rhamnetin
  • Aldehydes 
  • Eugenin
  • Ketones
  • Vanillin
  • Bicornin
  • Eugenitin

Healing Essential Oil that Stands Unchallenged!


Perhaps no other herbal natural oil comes close to clove bud oil if we talk about all-round healing properties. This essential oil has been found in some way in every bit of documented history related to treating infections or illnesses. Even today, its complex biochemical formula cannot be replicated to perfection in laboratories. The biggest cosmetic care and personal grooming product makers continue to use the oil of clove. Extensive range of skin-healing properties of this plant oil includes rejuvenating the skin by enhancing blood circulation and aiding treatment of stubborn acne. Fighting away effects of ageing like sagging skin, this aromatic oil is a part of many anti-ageing creams and serums.  Health benefits of clove oil are hard to document at one go. The natural oil has significant antiseptic and antimicrobial properties along with being antifungal and antiviral. Pure clove oil is also regarded as a strong aphrodisiac and is known to have stimulating properties when used smartly as a part of aromatherapy!

Applications of clove oil as a healing essential oil include:


  • Digestion-enhancing oil
  • Anti-nausea natural oil
  • Skincare essential oil
  • Insect repelling natural oil
  • Naturally expectorant oil
  • Antiseptic essential oil
  • Aromatic perfume industry oil

The Original Dental Care Essential Oil


Use of clove oil in dental care is perhaps the most well-known application for treating everyday health conditions. Even in movies and TV dramas, the mention of clove oil surfaces for treating swollen gums, infected gums, toothache or a sudden bout of migraine. Due to its strong germicidal properties and presence of high concentrations of eugenol, clove leaf oil makes for one of the most prominent essential oil for dental care. It not only helps in fight dental pain, mouth ulcers, and sore gums but also makes it easier to remove bad breath – thereby easing throat pain. Several toothpaste, mouth wash and oral care brands/medications contain clove oil as the primary ingredient! 

Natural Oil that Cures Infections & Alleviates Headache with Ease

Widely known for its antiseptic properties, essential oil of clove leaf is not only used to treat cuts, fungal infections, wounds, prickly heat and athlete’s foot but is also used for curing insect bites and nettle stings. Due to its potency, this essential oil is almost at par with first aid applications when faced with a sting or a scrape on skin. Pure clove oil is so strong that it has to be diluted as direct application of this steam distilled oil might cause more inflammation. Think of your preferred over the counter medication for fighting away a sudden bout of headache. Now, try using a few drops of diluted clove leaf oil and be ready to get shocked at the ease with which this plant oil eases the inflammation and pain. The distilled natural oil, when mixed with salt, helps in getting relief from severe headaches but also provides a soothing effect to the mind when you feel stressed.

Essential Oil that Prevents Serious Health Problems, from Cancer to Menstrual Cramps

Naturally high on phenolic components or compounds which have powerful anti-oxidant effects, Clove Leaf Oil not only neutralizes free radicals that tend to weaken the body’s defense system, this steam-distilled natural oil also staves-off cancer-causing toxins that are commonly found in our surroundings these days. While anti-carcinogenic properties might sound like a more serious application, having clove oil at home is recommended for alleviating symptoms of menstrual problems. Clove leaf oil helps in relieving muscle spasms associated with menstrual irregularities. Real clove bud oil, when used in combination with other carrier oils, helps in easing menstrual cramps too—a fact that has been acknowledged by mainstream healthcare community too!

Along with understanding the many healing properties of clove leaf oil, you might want to read more into the problems associated with procuring real natural oils. There are just too many synthetics and artificial compounds out there that cannot be lab-tested and decoded. You need a trusted provider, with serious industry credentials, for getting the assurance of real clove leaf oil. This is why industrial orders, bulk & wholesale orders for pure herbal and botanical extracts and popular essentials oils is the norm at HBNO — the preferred global destination for 100% pure essential oils and carrier oils!

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