Thyme Essential Oil for Animal Feed

Thyme Essential Oil for Animal Feed

Recently the use of antibiotics as growth promoters was banned in animal husbandry. Therefore, studies are being carried out to find out the best alternative. Plant essential oil could be one such alternative. Basically, essential aromatic oils are extracted from herbaceous plants. They have a stimulating effect on the animal's digestive systems, which is why essential oils are considered good for improving animal productivity. Some studies have shown that Thyme Oil is the most effective in animal feeding. Let us throw some light on this topic.


What is Thyme Oil?

Thyme Oil is an evergreen herb, which is used for medicinal and culinary purposes. It has extreme antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic characteristics, which help inhibit the growth of yeast and fungi, making the disease free and healthy. It also stimulates animals appetite, which is crucial especially for young animals.


What are the effects of using Thyme Oil in animal diet?

Certain tests were carried out using thyme oil. There was stimulation in enzyme levels in animals who received these oil doses as compared to those antibiotics they used to get. Also, Thyme Oil increased certain kind of proteins that are essential to animal growth. Due to the aromatic characteristics of thyme oil, the feed intake in animals also increases.


What precautions should be taken before using Thyme Oil?

It is recommended that before buying any type of essential oil you consult a veterinarian because not every oil is good for all animals, some are allergic too. It will be best if you discuss the animal's health and diet issues with the doctor and then buy these oils. Thyme Essential Oil is excellent for certain animal species, especially for their young ones.


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