Oregano Oil - Animal Feed

Oregano Oil - Animal Feed
Oregano Oil is a obtained from the flowering plant, a perennial plant from the Mediterranean Basin. It is a member of Labiatae family with the scientific name Origanum vulgare. The oil is produced y the process of steam distillation and contains flavonoids, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. With a comphoraceous and spicy aroma, the oregano has very high odor strength.Β 
The oregano essential oil possesses strong antiviral properties that help to keep infections and colds away. It's exceptionally powerful anti-microbial properties prevents the infections and eliminates fungi.

Oregano Essential Oil: Antibiotic replacement in livestock.

The antibiotics have been used as trusted growth promoters and for the disease prevention in poultry production. However, a growing number of people do not want their meat to be raised with antibiotics. Due to the concerns of anti-biotic-resistance, improved animal treatment, and human health, more and more number of individuals have been seeking out food makers that specifically sell only antibiotic free meats. Also, the official food safety agencies have registered concerns over farm animal antibiotic overuse and its adverse health conditions.Β 
With that growing demand and protections measures, comes new and innovative ways to raise food animals that are free of diseases and at the same time does not contain antibiotic supplement. As more consumers seek antibiotic-free meat, farmers are turning to the oregano essential oil as an alternative therapy to keep the livestock healthy. The oregano essential oil is said to manage internal parasites.Β 

Oregano in animal feed

In both pure natural grades and in prepared mixtures, oregano oil is used in feed mixtures. The positive and supporting properties of these oils add value to animal feed and also they are cost effective.

Oregano keeps chickens healthy and disease-free naturally

Field observations have shown that oregano products produces uniform colored eggs, with less blood spots. Significant decrease in the number of faulty and dirty eggs has also been discovered. Supplementation of oregano oil has beneficial effects on boiler weight, average daily gain, feed efficiency and feed and water intakes.

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