Thyme Essential Oil: A Lot More Than Culinary Herb

Thyme Essential Oil: A Lot More Than Culinary Herb
Thyme is essentially a shrub belonging to the mint family. This plant is scientifically called Thymus Vulgaris and has a definite European origin. In recent years, thyme has gained widespread use in commercial and household kitchens.



Just like oregano, coriander, parsley and mint; thyme too finds a deserving place in modern kitchens where it is majorly used due to its high odor that turns into a pleasing aroma, adding to the soulfulness of meals. Because of the distinct fragrance, thyme leaves are being now used across the world. As per some research studies, steam distillation is perhaps the best way to extract thyme essential oil. Some uses of thyme oil, within and outside the realm of culinary applications have been discussed below.


1. Use of Thyme in Cosmetics & Beauty Products


While cosmetics can have some very specific applications, there is something about their aroma to that adds to the overall appeal. Personal care and beauty products run high on the aroma that pleases the senses. This is why essential oils in cosmetics are a common practice. Thyme oil, due to its fragrance, has also become a vital cog in the cosmetic industry. It is used in soaps, perfumes, oils, talcum, etc.

2. Thyme Essential Oil in Medicine


As consumerism turns green with a clear inclination towards using plant-based and natural ingredients, the application of essential oils like thyme oil is finding increasing presence. Red thyme essential oil contains pigments 'turmoil' which is a powerful and proven antibiotic and disinfectant. Its application has helped enhance immune system functioning. Thyme rich medical capsules reduces muscle and joint pain, antibacterial infections, headache and itching. This is why thyme oil is now commonly prescribed as a part of alternative and herbal medicine.


3. Relief for Menstrual Problems


Thyme oil has proven to be effective in alleviating symptoms of menstrual problems like pain, congestion and uneasiness. Thyme essential oil opens up obstructed menses, gives relief from abdominal pain, fatigue, and nausea. Moreover, its aroma acts as an antidepressant for many women who often rely on potentially harmful medications that can abrupt the natural hormonal process. Having 2 to 3 drops of this pure botanical oil in milk will boost your energy levels, helping you get more out of life on highly stressful days.


4. Say NO to Pests


While some people still rely on using neem leaves as a natural pesticide, others vouch for the efficiency of thyme oil as a natural pesticide. Genuine oil of thyme has a refreshing odor that is pleasing to our senses, but drives away common pests at home or in commercial settings like warehouses. Thyme essential oil can be sprayed, mixed with water, to get quick, effective action against pests.


Basics of Using Thyme Essential Oil


Please understand that like most essential oils, natural thyme oil has active natural ingredients. This means the oil is a bit volatile, not recommended for direct application or consumption among humans or pets. Thyme essential oil can be used in its raw form, but it should be minimally diluted too. You can use it in a spray bottle to spray the kitchen garden, even use it as a safe mosquito repellent across your property. Combination oils for thyme oil include rosemary, lemon and lavender essential oils.


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