Therapeutic Healing with Aromatic Essential Oils

Therapeutic Healing with Aromatic Essential Oils

 We often hear about essential oils and we may have bought them for our houses and used in diffusers to spread the scent throughout the house. However, there are still some things about these aromatic oils that we don't know. The essential oils are obtained by distilling or cold pressing the flower extracts to obtain their scent. Once the scent is extracted, it is infused with a carrier scentless oil and is ready to use. These essential oils have therapeutic effects that have been kept in high regard since ancient times.

Rubbing the oils on your skin is said to improve the health by absorbing into the skin. It is also said that inhaling the aroma of these therapeutic essential oils stimulates the parts of one's limbic system, essentially that part of the brain that regulates emotions, sense of smell and plays an important role in forming memories which is why certain scents tend to trigger memories related to them.

The following pointers may help you find the most suitable oils for you.


1. Tangerine

Citrus Reticulata Blanco Var Tangerina

Therapeutic Healing with Aromatic Essential Oils

Native to Asia, Tangerine, with its sweet and tangy citrus-like scent, is cultivated today in USA, Italy and the Mediterranean. It was used extensively in Chinese medicine and is used to treat skin disorders, such as stretch marks, healing wounds, and acne. It is also useful for boosting the immune system and is a potent antioxidant that helps reduce signs of inflammation. It also has an olfactory quality that uplifts your mood and helps cases of mild depression when diffused in the air.


2. Cedar leaf

Thuja occidentalis L.


Therapeutic Healing with Aromatic Essential Oils

The Slovenian coniferous tree, rich in Vitamin C is a rarely found essential oil with its heavenly pine like fresh aroma. It is a great addition to the cosmetic application, perfumery, incense candles, and aromatherapy.

3. Buddha wood

Eremophila mitchellii


Therapeutic Healing with Aromatic Essential Oils

The Buddha wood oil is a treasured rare essential oil, which is distilled from a native tree in Australia. With its woody aroma, it has a great calming and relaxing scent, great for use while meditating. It has a rich scent which makes a great addition to cosmetic products and perfumery.

4.Betel leaf

Piper Betel

Therapeutic Healing with Aromatic Essential Oils

The Indian betel leaf having a smoky, herbaceous scent has been cultivated since ancient times as it is a celebrated element in the Ayurvedic medicine. It is full of health benefits, it used for ear pain, boils, and a sore throat. It is also good against orchitis and arthritis. It cures urinary infections, headache, and constipation.
5. Anise star

Illicium Verum


Therapeutic Healing with Aromatic Essential Oils

This fruit native to China and Vietnam with its licorice scent is an ancient Chinese medicine is useful for expanding lung capacity, calming overworked muscles, even works as an antiseptic. The aromatherapy qualities related to this fruit improve digestion, cure bronchitis, rheumatism, muscle aches, and the flu. The oil is for external use only, for safety purposes.

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