Skin and Body Care Floral Waxes: With Aromatic and Therapeutic Properties

Here we will mention the five of the most important floral waxes which will take care of your body and keep you away from skin allergies and infection.

Floral waxes are the byproduct of the production of the aromatic absolute; they are solid, fragrant wax derived out of some beneficial flower petals. These delicate waxes have an important role in the manufacturing of lip balms, exotic perfumes, and creams; they keep the skin moist and prevent the body from bacterial infections.

Bee’s Wax Absolute
Bees wax is a raw product that is taken out of the honeycomb; after mixing pollen oils into the honeycomb, this turns from white to yellow or brown. The white beeswax and it's absolutely an in foods and beverages as a stiffening agent. This aromatic wax absolute has anti-bacterial properties that help to treat skin disease including eczema and psoriasis.

Carnation Floral Wax
Carnation flowers, brewed in tea from a long time helps to reduce stress, depression, and nervousness. Carnation flower wax is prime content for many of the lip balms, lotions, and other cosmetic products. This floral wax is used for skin healing in massage oils; it treats skin rashes and moisturizes the skin.

Cassie Floral Wax
With the divine aroma, the Cassie floral wax comes from the family of β€˜Acacia’; it is extremely warm. Cassie wax absolute is a vital part of classic perfumes, soaps, and other personal care formulations. This also works as an anti-depression agent hence it is also used in stress-relieving medicines or massage oils.

Rose Floral Wax
Rose floral wax is used in aromatic candles and perfumes on a high scale. The soothing and skin softening properties of rose petals make it usable to treat dry skin and get the smooth and moisturized skin. Floral wax derived out of rose also works as an anti-aging agent and reduces the wrinkles.

Jasmine Floral Wax
Jasmine flowers are widely known as a vital part of classic perfumes and soaps; these flowers are used in a variety of medicines to treat liver disease, abdominal pain caused by diarrhea. This plant is also used to flavor beverages and baked goods. The Jasmine floral wax is used in multiple skin and beauty care products and also works as an aphrodisiac.

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