Romantic Essential Oil Blends For Valentine's Day

Romantic Essential Oil Blends For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a special occasion when you celebrate the love and bond that you share with your partner. It's an opportunity to shower your love and care for them while reviving the feelings. If you are looking to bring an extra romantic feel to your bedroom this valentine's day, these 5 essential oils are sure to set a romantic mood.

1. Rose

Romantic Essential Oil Blends For Valentine's Day

Rose is known for its aphrodisiac qualities. So, it is a perfect choice for this special day. Its pleasant floral aroma will induce the feelings of love and desire. You just need to apply a few drops of rose essential oil on your wrist and behind your ears and you're ready!  

If you want to try this essential oil, make sure you get your hands on it in advance either from a nearby market or online platforms like Health & Beauty Natural Oils as you might not be able to find it at the last moment due to its limited availability. Rose essential oil is listed on a costlier side in the list of essential oils as it takes approximately 1200 petals to formulate a single drop.

2. Jasmine

Romantic Essential Oil Blends For Valentine's Day

It is one of the popular seductive essential oils having a sweet fragrance, which is perfect for a romantic night. Want to try it? Blend a few drops of jasmine essential oil in any carrier oil and apply it over your chest. Massage it into your skin until absorbed.

3. Clary Sage


Romantic Essential Oil Blends For Valentine's Day


Traditionally, the Clary sage essential oil was used to balance the hormones to promote libido. Furthermore, its herbaceous aroma provides it with sedative properties that help eliminate stress and tension, so you can enjoy your special moments. The perfect way to add this to your bedroom is by diffusing it in an oil diffuser.

4. Ylang Ylang

Romantic Essential Oil Blends For Valentine's Day


The Ylang Ylang essential oil is preferred due to its aphrodisiac properties. It is a sensual oil that helps in promoting sex drive while balancing your mood and emotions. Blend Ylang Ylang essential oil and sandalwood oil in 2:2 ratio (2 drops of each oil) to formulate a massage oil.


5. Lavender

Romantic Essential Oil Blends For Valentine's Day

Lavender essential oil will help you relax and evoke romantic feelings to celebrate your day. You can create a relaxing setting in your room by diffusing a few drops of the lavender oil in a diffuser.

Aphrodisiac Mix: A perfect combination of Sensual Essential Oils

This aphrodisiac mix of Sandalwood, Ylang-ylang, Lavender, and Jasmine essential oil is great for massaging. It will help reduce mental fatigue, boost your libido, and make your valentine's day even more special.

Tip: Always dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil before using it.

Health & Beauty Natural Oils offers you a great range of essential oils including the ones listed above. So, place your order now to prepare for your valentine's day.

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