Herbal Oil: Wintergreen Essential Oil

Extracted from the plant Gaultheria Procumbens, Wintergreen Essential Oil gets highly demanded by the people who are suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, or pain in their joints or even bones due to various reasons. Apart from this, wintergreen oil also has many other applications and this is the reason why it is commonly used in every household. This essential oil is also effective for promoting healthy respiratory function in the body. Dilutions of wintergreen extracts are used in candies, toothpaste, gum etc. for the purpose of flavoring. 



Benefits of Wintergreen Essential Oil


• Pain relief: The most common use of wintergreen oil is for getting relief from body pain. It has the ability to reduce muscle cramps, headache, bone pain, joint pain, etc. This oil also salivates tension and stress.


• Prevention from infections: Wintergreen essential oil is capable of killing bacteria like protozoa, fungi and other viruses. However, it should never be used to treat open wounds where it can come in direct contact with the blood. Also, one should refrain from consuming this oil orally to fight sepsis in the internal organs.


• Improves hair and skin health: When used in a highly diluted form, Wintergreen Oil is known to tone the skin. It prevents the skin from acne and also address the problem of hair fall while removing dandruff and strengthening the hair roots.


• Helps in relieving spasm of muscle: The soothing effect of wintergreen oil helps to reduce spasms from digestive, muscular, nervous or respiratory system. This oil also provides relief from asthma, breathing problem, muscular cramps, digestion issues, regular cough, convulsions, and many other diseases.


Wintergreen Oil is not suggested for pregnant women, nursing moms and small children, as it is very poisonous due to the presence of Menthyl Salicylate.

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