Extraordinary Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil is a natural resource that has been used for centuries as a traditional home remedy and in beauty products as well. This miraculous essential oil is known to cure ailments like acne, chickenpox, earaches, halitosis, cold sores, and psoriasis. The oil has tremendous health benefits, thanks to its antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties.



Amazing properties of Tea Tree Essential Oil


Tea tree oil’s aromatic essence makes it a natural cure for numerous skin issues. It is used for cleaning, as air diffuser for removing mold from the air, and for treating the viral infections too. This oil is generally used as an ingredient in most of the cosmetic products like shampoos, skin creams, face washes, and massage oils preliminary because of its prowess as an anti-microbial. Many doctors prescribe this essential oil as a substitute for medications, because it yields quick and effective results without any adverse effects.



Feeling motivated to use the synergistic Tea Tree essential oil for improving your health? Here are some uses and benefits of this essential oil:



Home Remedy for the Treatment of Acne


Tea tree essential oil is as good as benzoyl peroxide for treating acne. The best part is that tea tree oil does not cause redness, dryness, or peeling skin, which is a common case with benzoyl peroxide. For removing acne at home, you need to use tea tree oil in diluted form by teaming it with witch hazel. Applying it once or twice a day on your skin should give you the desired results, without any side effects. You can also make a face wash by yourself, by adding few drops of this essential oil to natural honey. Gently rub this blend on your face for 50-60 seconds and wash it out. Daily application will clear acne and would also keep your skin glowing.



Be cautious: Don’t overuse this oil, as it will make your skin more sensitive. Also, since tea tree oil can make your skin more vulnerable to UV rays, it is better to stay away from direct sunlight, after you have applied it on your face. We advise you to apply it overnight for better results.



Best Household Cleaner: Fantastic Way to Use Tea Tree oil


Tea Tree Oil, when combined with water, lemon grass essential oil, and vinegar, makes a powerful homemade cleaner. Antimicrobial properties of this oil make it the perfect solution to a very common problem that is known as ‘mold infestation’. Simply spray this cleaning solution on your kitchen appliances, dishwasher, or toilets to destroy all the bad bacteria that germinates on them. You may also use the tea tree essential oil by diffusing it in the air to kill mold present in your home.

Tea Tree Oil: A great choice to eliminate Ringworm and Toenail Fungus 


Tea Tree Essential Oil has the unique ability to eradicate parasites and fungal infections like athlete’s foot, ringworm, toenail fungus, or discolored nail. Use undiluted tea tree oil with a clean cotton swab on the affected area to kill germs. You can also consider using this oil by mixing it up with anti-fungal natural oregano oil for removing persistent fungi. Studies have shown that Tea tree oil is also beneficial for eliminating and treating warts. You need to put this essential oil directly on that body part for once or twice a day for at least a month.



Be cautious: Apply tea tree oil with care, as its undiluted form may be irritating to the skin.



Relieve Eczema and Psoriasis by using Tea Tree Essential Oil


Tea Tree Oil is the best way to relieve any type of skin inflammation, for reducing psoriasis and treating eczema. It is the finest remedy for mild cases of softening plaques and itches on the skin. Mix it with coconut and lavender oil to make homemade eczema body soap or lotion. You can dilute Tea Tree oil in olive oil and rub its few drops into the psoriasis blotches. Applying this several times in a day can cure all patches effectively.



Best Ointment to Treat the Chicken Pox


Many doctors prescribe tea tree essential oil for use as an ointment to heal the sores caused by Chicken Pox. One can blend it with olive oil and apply the mixture to sores twice or thrice a day by using a cotton swab.



For years, Tea Tree Oil has been a preferable essential for medicinal purposes. As per studies, this oil has amazing benefits to treat many skin infections and inflammations that include chicken pox, eczema, fungus, warts, and psoriasis patches. This is an incredible natural oil that offers several health and wellness benefits.



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