Health Benefits Of Celery Seed Essential Oil You Never Knew

Health Benefits Of Celery Seed Essential Oil You Never Knew

Often thought of as a cooking oil, Celery Seed Oil happens to be one of the most potent aromatic oils. It is widely used in the niche of aromatherapy.

According to many alternative and herbal medicine users this botanical oil has strong medicinal properties. The therapeutic oil has a place in history too, documented for being administered as an anti-hypertensive medicine centuries ago.

Did You Know?

The word CELERY has Latin origins, probably from the word "Selinon" that means "parsley". Aulus Cornelius Celsus recommend the use of Celery Seed Oil in 30 AD!

Today, the demand for Celery Seed Oil is witnessing a resurgence. Its cardiovascular benefits along with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties is making it one of the bestselling natural oils. Obtained from dried celery seeds, the natural oil comes from crushed seeds of the celery plant. Procured using the steam distillation process, pure Celery Seed Oil has credible nerve-tonic, slightly sedative, anti-nausea, and anti-spasmodic properties. In this discussion, we talk about the many health benefits of real Celery Seed Oil…

Celery Seed Essential Oil Basics

The aroma of celery seed oil is sweetish with some spicy notes. The warm aroma has been often referred to as calming by aromatherapy experts. The botanical oil’s mind-relaxing properties have been proven in many research studies. The seeds actually produces a small amount of the oil. This is especially true when the best oil extraction methods are used. Expect a pale yellow essential oil.

The fluidic natural oil has a very strong celery aroma, i.e. the kind of aroma that arises from cooking celery as a part of food preparation. When used in combination with other oils, placed on oil burner, this aromatic oil can eliminate stress, inducing a sense of overcall calmness in the surroundings.

Promotes Healthy Joints & Manages Uric Acid Levels

Celery Seed Oil has unarguable anti-inflammatory properties. The natural plant oil helps in reducing swelling and pain around the joints. It is rather effective at removing uric acid crystals that build up around the body’s joints. This makes real celery seed essential oil a great utility for those diagnosed with joint pains or conditions like arthritis and rheumatism. The botanical oil can also stimulate regrowth of tissues in and around inflamed joints. This calming natural oil can be applied to pain-affected areas, even during phases of sudden flare-ups.

Anti-acidic properties means that a small pack of genuine celery seed oil is a thoughtful and useful gift for people diagnosed with chronic conditions like gout. Commonly recommended for its diuretic properties, celery seed natural oil helps in elimination of uric acid via stimulating urination. Good for people with bladder disorders, kidney problems, cystitis and other similar conditions, this pure essential oil plays a vital role in preventing urinary tract infections.

A Natural Oil that Helps Prevent Cancer?

YES! Liquid extracts and the actual essential oil extract from celery seeds has some therapeutic effects at par with pharmaceutical-grade, mainstream drugs. Few essential oils have the unique distinction of being recommended for their anti-carcinogenic properties. Celery Seed Oil is an exception to the norm with its rich concentration of phthalates, flavonoids, coumarins and poly-acetylenes. Essential celery seed oil enhances activity of white blood cells that help to boost the body’s defense mechanism when fighting away cancer-causing compounds or carcinogens.

Celery Seed Natural Oil seems to do this rather effectively. Detoxifying carcinogens is not easy but this genuine plant oil also fights away free radicals that take a toll on the body’s immunity levels. Natural celery seed oil has been known to soothe stomach lesions. This anti-ulcerative property makes it a prized possession for those diagnosed with IBS or conditions like Crohn’s Disease. 

Natural Oil Helps Manage High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

With rich Pthalide content, Celery Oil not only helps in lowering level of stress hormones in the body but also helps in managing high blood pressure levels. Consuming supplements with small amounts of celery seed oil further reduce chances of developing lifestyle diseases like atherosclerosis that often leads to heart attack or stroke. Everyday consumption of celery seed oil may not only reduce artery-clogging cholesterol but it is known to stimulate secretion of bile juices – thereby boosting your digestive properties and reducing cholesterol levels. Further, high fiber content in celery essential oil works like a scraping tool, ensuring cholesterol deposits are gradually eliminated.

Please understand that the benefits of celery seed essential oil discussed here are applicable when you are handling real natural oils, sans chemical additives or synthetics. Sometimes, retailers will cloak the real oil with carrier oils or inferior-quality oils that don't have such impressive therapeutic properties. The conclusion is simple – if you want to reap benefits of CELERY SEED OIL, ask for genuine produce. We excel in this niche, specializing in herbal and botanical extracts with aromatic oils being our forte. If you have a quality concern or want to know about our natural oils procurement, warehousing, shipping and bulk costing structure, please reach out to us by Clicking Here 

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