Galbanum: Resin Oil with a World of Healing Properties

Galbanum: Resin Oil with a World of Healing Properties

Galbanum is a resin which is typically derived from a plant named Ferula Galbaniflua – a plant species known to be native to Iran. Galbanum essential oil is produced by distilling the resin of the plant. Steam distilled galbanum oil has impressive detoxifying, decongestant, and anti-parasitic properties. 

The oil obtained after steam distillation is clear to light yellowish in color. Galbanum plant oil has thin consistency but a strong aroma with top notes being a bit strong. This oil is used much less as compared to some of the more popular essential oils like Lavender, Sandalwood, or Geranium plant oil.

Interestingly, oil of galbanum has been used for thousands of years in herbal medicine since the time of Egyptians and Romans. From being an additive to bath water to an effective skin balm or perfume and pain-reliever, the applications and natural properties of real galbanum oil are many. This discussion takes an overview of this beautiful aromatic oil. Some of the most common natural properties and related uses of galbanum resin oil include:


1. Effective Cicatrisant Oil Derived from Mother Nature

Galbanum essential oil is an effective Cicatrisant. It has an amazing ability to reduce scar tissue formation, able to treat ageing scars too. Application of this plant oil can not only provide you with radiant skin but it also helps to quicken new cell/tissue development. This makes galbanum a natural remedy for reducing acne, pimples and pox marks.


2. Natural Detoxification Oil without Medicines

Detoxification is necessary to maintain an ideal body weight and live a healthy life. Given modern lifestyles that are high on chemicals and synthetics, the value of natural detoxifiers like Galbanum essential oil is infinite. It tends to cleanse the circulatory system of harmful compounds. It regulates hormones when used regularly as a part of topical applications and in aromatherapy sessions. Due to this detoxification property, the plant oil is believed to have natural skin-fairing properties. Application in sync with some skin-friendly carrier oil can provide bright, glowing skin.


3. Effective Cold & Cough – Decongestant Essential Oil

Galbanum resin prevents congestion of chest associated with severe cold and cough. It helps soothing symptoms of bronchitis by clearing the lungs and nostrils, providing a relief to overworked respiratory system. This also makes galbanum resin oil find application in certain alcoholic beverages like ‘berrandhi’ that is used as a herbal way to treat symptoms of common flu.


4. Plant Oil for Arthritis Pains & Muscle Spasms

Galbanum has proven that it can improve blood circulation in body and at joints. This means revitalizing the entire metabolic system that aids detox, better flow of lymph and an overall healthy nervous system. Also, this resin oil is known to dampen muscle spasms and nerves spasms that often requires painkillers and other drugs.


5. Natural Oil Heals Sores & Ulcers

Genuine galbanum resin oil finds application as one the most natural and safe cure for treating internal and external ulcers. It can be applied minimally, in combination with a carrier oil to chronic, repeatedly occurring sores. Galbanum resin is known to help people cope with lymphatic system problems that often causes skin eruptions and ulcers.

These are just give of the many healing properties of real galbanum resin oil. Natural health practitioners recommend using this botanical oil as a part of anxiety and depression management, for relieving symptoms of mental trauma or psychological exhaustion.

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