Eugenol Essential Oil for Agricultural Purposes

Eugenol Oil, sometimes referred as clove oil, is extracted from dried flower buds, stems, and leaves of the clove tree - Eugenia Aromaticum. It is commonly used in the food processing industry for flavoring. Other common applications include dentistry and as a part of aromatic therapies. This is largely because of the anti-microbial, anti-parasitic nature of eugenol oil. When included in small traces, in skincare products, this oil kills bacteria and has significant anti-inflammatory properties. Eugenol kills fungi and mold too. In this discussion, we will elaborate why Eugenol Oil is increasing being used in the agricultural sector. Read ahead…



The Basics First: Clove Oil or Eugenol Oil?

There is some confusion about clove oil and eugenol oil. Most folks use these terms interchangeably. Please understand that there is nothing wrong with this approach. This is because Clove Oil gets most of its healing and anti-septic properties from eugenol—an inherent part of natural clove oil. In fact, purely extracted clove oil might contain 80 to 95 percent eugenol—a volatile natural compound. 



Eugenol Oil is considered excellent for agricultural purposes because of its natural-yet-strong fungicidal, herbicidal and insecticidal properties.



Why are farming communities adopting Eugenol Essential Oil?

This is because of a simple reason—soil health has become a primary concern among farm owners and consumers. The increasing penetration of chemicals in the food chain has catalyzed research studies to find alternatives for chemically formulated agricultural supplies such as fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and fertilizer mixes. There is an increasing demand for farms to reduce their chemical footprint. The result is an increasing search for greener, natural alternatives. This wellness and environmental awareness is changing the traditional agricultural market that has been flooded with chemical-heavy products.



History suggests Chinese were the first to understand the curative properties of clove oil. They used it as a part of natural healthcare regimen more than 2,000 years ago – as a fragrant ingredient, and perhaps, for agricultural purposes too.



Use of Eugenol Essential Oil in Agricultural Sector


Eugenol Oil is often referred to as a green herbicide or organic insecticide. Why? It is basically a plant extract, distilled to perfection to ensure its potency remains intact.


When used in small quantities, it helps farm owners to fight away crop-damaging pests and insects. From ants, flies, spiders, and wasps to dust mites and fleas, eugenol essential oil has proven to be an effective anti-microbial and pesticidal properties. When used on fruit trees, the oil prevents insect and worm infestations apart from being effective against wasps. It is also very useful for eradicating weeds.


Toxicological studies have repeatedly confirmed that this essential oil is a brilliant, green, non-toxic alternative to conventional, chemical-heavy insecticides. Researchers also suggest that the oil might play a role in augmenting the action of fertilizers. For farm-owners, this is a smart, cost-friendly way to ensure their crop has no chemical residues which further means not polluting natural resources like land and water—a problem associated with chemically formulated agricultural supplies.



How to procure Eugenol Oil feasible for agricultural applications?

Despite its ease of availability, buying Eugenol Oil in the bulk, in its purest, effective form is not easy. The problem lies in a highly unstructured marketplace. The best clove oil supplies are channeled towards major corporations that use it primarily for medicinal, culinary and cosmetic industry. Purity remains a major challenge. Just like fertilizers, different agricultural additives are bought in bulk where the wholesale price advantage is critical. However, finding a trustworthy essential oil supplier with ready-to-ship wholesale inventory seems impossible. HBNO is changing the market dynamics. It provides premium natural oils in bulk. Expect quality-check, quickly shipped essential oils delivered with 100% customer satisfaction.

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