Eucalyptus Essential Oil: 5 Benefits You Should Know

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: 5 Benefits You Should Know

Leaves of eucalyptus have various antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. People living in different parts of the world use the oil extracted from eucalyptus leaves to treat various ailments of the body and mind.

Pouring a few drops of this essential oil in bathing water helps relieve aches and pains of the body. Application of eucalyptus oil has various health benefits. Keep reading to make the most out of this essential oil.


1.Helps in Healing Wounds


Eucalyptus Essential Oil has antiseptic properties. It helps create a protective layer, which results in fast healing of wounds, burns, ulcers, cuts, abrasions, and sores. Researchers even claim this oil has healing properties, which are effective even for insect bites and strings. Application of this restorative oil protects the open wound from developing infections from microbial activity and exposure to air.


2.Removes Mental Exhaustion


This oil acts as a stimulant for removing mental stress and sluggishness. Massage with eucalyptus oil creates a cooling and refreshing effect, which ultimately helps rejuvenate the spirits of people feeling sick. It is also helpful in improving the performance of students by improving the blood flow to the brain.


3.Relieves Muscle Pain


Eucalyptus essential oil is highly beneficial for patients suffering from muscle and joint pains. Patients of rheumatism, sprained ligaments and tendons, lumbago, stiff muscles, fibrosis, aches and nerve pain are recommended for circular motion massage therapies with this essential oil to help relieve them from any sort of chronic muscular pains.


4.Dental Care


Most of the dental care products contain eucalyptus oil in them. This is an active ingredient found in mouthwashes and toothpastes to help fight against the dental cavities and prevent the teeth from gingivitis and other dental infections.


5.Treats fever 


An amazing, lesser-known fact about eucalyptus oil is that it is also known as "fever oil". When used in combination with peppermint oil and sprayed all over the body, it helps reduce the temperature of the body.


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