Cedar Wood Oil - Agricultural Fertilizers

Cedar Wood Oil - Agricultural Fertilizers

The cedarwood essential oil is an essential oil resulting from the process of steam distillation from the wood chips of cedar wood tree. The scientific name of the cedar wood tree is Cedrus atlantica. These evergreen trees have been known to age up to 1,000 years and features needle-like leaves. The oil is pale yellow to orange in color and is vicious. The sawdust and wood from cedar wood tree are processed by the steam distillation method to get the oil. The oil yield is about 35%. Another method for cedar oil extraction is by using liquid carbon dioxide under pressure. It possesses the warm wood and balsamic aroma with low odor strength. Cedar oil and cedar wood have been used for years as a successful repellent for insects, and also as a natural insect control product.


Cedar Oil In Insect Control Spray

The cedar oil from trees originating in Texas hill country is the most potent essential oil available for insect control. The pure cedar oil sprays from Red Cedar trees and hydrated silica is used in oil spray for insect control. The combination of cedar wood with an inert compound of hydrated silica results in a solution that has life-threatening effects on many insects. The solution quickly neutralizes insects of the arthropod family on contact. The targets of the spray are mosquitoes, chiggers, flies, ticks and a host of equally annoying insects. It also repels mice, rats, and venomous snake. The Cedarwood Oil that possesses dynamic insecticidal properties and pheromone diffusion qualities that adversely affects the unwanted pests and their offsprings. Cedar oil's aroma is lethal to non-beneficial insects.  Also, the cedar oil spray has no effect on beneficial insects like ladybugs or butterflies



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