Camphor Essential Oil: Top Health Benefits

Camphor Essential Oil has a unique scent, which is aptly described by two words ‘powerful’ and ‘medicinal’. This oil is the best aromatic natural oil out of the all the essential oils. Because of the strong aroma property, many farmers often wear the camphor lumps around their neck or arms just to deter infections. Thus, camphor oil is extracted from camphor to use as a repellent, insecticides, treat skin inflammations and much more!

Extraction and Distillation Process of Camphor Oil

Camphor oil is majorly extracted from two types of camphor trees: Cinnamomum Camphora (a tree, which creates most commonly used natural Camphor) & Dryobalanops Camphora (Borneo Camphor tree, which derives Borneo Camphor). These trees consist of volatile oil, which is used to extract this natural essential oil. Nowadays, the camphor oil is extracted from leaves of the camphor trees through the steam distillation process.

Medical Benefits of Camphor Essential Oil

Used in Aromatherapy to cure Nervous Depression

The distillation process of camphor essential oil separates three fractions namely, White, Yellow, and Brown Camphor. The White camphor is used to extract essential oil for therapeutic methods as it has a clear and fresh smell.

How to do aromatherapy

Take white camphor oil and add its few drops to your bath. Soak your body in it, at least for 5-10 minutes. This will help you to relax your body and reduce anxiety.

Used as Decongestant: Clears the lungs for easy breathing

Camphor oil is very effective in curing congestion problems and helps to give relief to the respiratory system. This essential oil is commonly used as one of the ingredients for making various cold rubs and balms. The diluted concentration of Camphor oil along with lavender or olive oil can directly be applied over the chest to reduce a cough and curing nasal problems.

Anti-inflammatory and Sedative

Camphor oil is an effective anti-inflammatory and sedative agent, thanks to its cooling and penetrating effects. It cures almost all types of internal and external inflammations. The oil gives peace to the mind and freshness to the body. It offers relaxation and refreshment, especially in summers. You can mix this oil with bathing water for staying cool even during the hottest days of the season.


Anesthetic: Calms the Nerves and promotes Fast Healing

Camphor essential oil is a proven anesthetic because it is capable of making sensory nerves numb, wherever it gets applied on the body. The oil is often used as a pain relief oil and is also useful for treating mild burns, insect bites, and skin problems like irritation and itching.


Stimulates Circulatory System 

Studies have shown that camphor essential oil, when used in a diluted form, acts as a powerful stimulant for boosting the circulatory system of our body. If you are suffering from problems of metabolism due to poor circulation, then this oil is very helpful to eradicate such problems. It also helps in regulating many problems like poor bowel movement, sluggishness, gout and rheumatism.


Application of Camphor Essential Oil for Different Therapeutic Uses

•Bronchitis:  For treating bronchitis, cold, flu, and cough, simply place 2-3 drops of the oil in a diffuser or a lamp ring.


•Used as Repellent:  You can place a few drops of this essential oil in a lamp ring or in a diffuser to deter flies or bugs. It can also be placed in the closet by putting it on a cotton swab for preventing the growth of microbes and moths. Do not spray it directly into your wardrobes or on the clothes.


•Bruises and Sprains: When used in a cold compress, this oil is the most effective solution for bruises, muscle pain, and sprains.


•After-sun therapy: Mix the camphor oil with liquid lanolin and apply this solution to the skin for getting effective relief from sunburns. Before applying to the whole body, you should first apply this composition on a small part of your skin to check the skin’s sensitivity level.


Risks Related to Using Camphor Oil

•Not advisable for children, pregnant women, or people with asthma or epilepsy due to potential skin sensitization.


•Should not be applied to open wounds or burns, it can have an adverse effect on the skin.


•Should not be used at night as it may affect your sleep.


•Oral use of white camphor oil can lead to liver damage. Hence, it must always be used with the mild carrier oil.



Concluding Thoughts

Camphor essential oil is best for relieving stress and anxiety. This oil is referred for curing respiratory system, to treat poor circulation and nervous disorders, for bringing relief to the heart, and for recovery and relaxation. Cold compressed camphor oil is effective to reduce rashes and redness, thus it treats acne and chapped skin too.

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