Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil for Mental Health

Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil for Mental Health

Recent researches have shown that the oil supports the healing of neurological tissue. It is a versatile oil with powerful healing properties that amazingly benefit our mental health. Here are some of the benefits of rosemary essential oil, which improves our mental health.


Relief from Anxiety

Rosemary essential oil helps in reducing anxiety and this fact has also been published in a study of Holistic Nursing Practice in 2009. The study also claims that the oil is specifically beneficial for reducing anxiety related to examinations. According to it, the students who inhaled rosemary oil before their exams were found to be more relaxed with a significantly lowered level of anxiety. This essential oil also calms the nerves of people.


Stress Buster

Rosemary essential oil is a great stress buster. Excessive secretion of cortisol leads to oxidative stress, high blood pressure, heart diseases, weight gain, and cholesterol problems. Inhaling this oil can actually decrease your stress levels by controlling cortisol hormones.


Improves Memory Power

This organic essential oil helps children in cramming as it lowers their anxiety level as well as enhances their memory. A research conducted in 2003 reveals that the aroma of rosemary oil even improves the memory of adults. It also helps them in remaining more alert. While performing any mental task, the smell of this oil can improve the accuracy and speed of a person. 


Provides Mental Clarity

Rosemary essential oil is helpful for the people who are confused, unsure or a little overwhelmed. The fragrance of rosemary relieves stress in such conditions and helps people in getting a better clarity in their thoughts. You can use this oil via an oil burner or can simply rub it on your hands.

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