Beneficial Uses of Lemongrass Oil for Humans

Beneficial Uses of Lemongrass Oil for Humans

From aromatherapy sessions to being used as an ingredients in soaps and shampoos, essentials oils are finding an increasing presence. One such natural oil is Lemongrass Oil. It is safe to state that this botanical oil is among the commonest essential oil today. 

Used across the world, preached by beauty bloggers and skincare specialists, its range of applications is huge and very impressive. Why? Like most popular natural plant oils, Lemongrass Oil does not have any serious, documented side-effects. Most medical health specialists and cosmetologists call it the safest natural oil to use. It is useful across all skin types and has musculo-skeletal, hair-related, skin-related and mental health benefits. In this discussion, we cover the entire landscape of benefits associated with Lemongrass Essential Oil.


Touching Upon Basics: Origins & Basic Properties of Lemongrass Oil

Originating in the Southeast Asian region, Lemongrass Oil is considered native to Asia. Even today, despite the influx of modern farming practices, the variety found across Asia is considered perhaps the most potent. Distilled from the leaves and woody stalks of lemongrass plant, this essential oil is extensively researched and written about for its therapeutic and aromatic properties.

Lemongrass is a perennial grass that needs minimal caring and grows rather fast. At one point, it was disregarded as just one of the many wild grasses that don't contribute much in terms of being cultivated for monetary gains. The oil of this grass is also called Melissa Oil. Active biochemical compounds in this plant oil include:

- Myrcene

- Citronellal

- Nerol

- Geraniol

- Neral 

- Limonene 

- Citral


Properties that Define Real Lemongrass Oil

Expect a dark yellowish oil, i.e. if you are getting the real variety. There are many mimicries of the real oil out there. Be careful in selecting only the amber-like oil that might have some reddish strains – not a must-have but reddish streaks are often found. The viscosity is watery. The fresh smelling natural oil has a somewhat lemony scent. It is extracted using steam distillation. The natural oil has a strong aroma. It is very aromatic and easily seeps into the surrounding environment, driving away insects. The scent is somewhat citrusy and very refreshing. From personal care products to alleviating irritated skin conditions, the ways to use this botanical oil seems infinite!



Talking about the benefits and applications:



Keep Lemongrass Oil at Your Bedside

Diminishes Stress. Helps You Sleep Better!
The calming scent and sedative properties of Lemongrass Oil cannot be argued. A few drops using a diffuser is perhaps the easiest, safest way to kick away insomnia. It also reduces anxiety levels. This is why some people add a few drops of Lemongrass Oil to their warm bath. This practice helps them start their day with a relaxed mind. 

Add Lemongrass Oil Vial to Your Medicine Box

Muscle Relaxant and Pain Reliever!
Lemongrass Oil has impressive pain-relieving properties. Its topical application is common in herbal medicine. Light massage with Lemongrass Oil mixed with a carrier oil helps to improve blood circulation. Try using it for alleviating back aches, muscle spasms, cramps and sprains. Diluted lemongrass oil is known to be a quick and effective muscle relaxant. This is why lemongrass tea is known to decrease the intensity of menstrual cramps. Some people rub a couple of drops of this natural oil after a warm bath to keep away nausea. The botanical oil helps in preventing air-borne diseases and common cold, fighting away disease-causing bacteria, especially when used with a vaporizer or diffuser.

Try Lemongrass Oil for Alternative Detox

Natural Oil with Significant Therapeutic Properties!
There is an easy alternative to expensive spa treatments and wellness center treatments for detoxifying your digestive track, including the liver, kidneys, bladder and pancreas. We are not talking about uncomfortable enemas or days of rigorous fasting. Use natural lemongrass oil therapy to detox in a way that the toxins are eliminated without hampering your daily schedule. How do you do this? Don't consume lemongrass oil. Instead, try lemongrass tea that has traces of the medicinal natural oil. Also try hair conditioners and soaps that have lemongrass oil in their list of ingredients. 

Keep Lemongrass Oil Handy in Commercial Properties and at Your Home

Natural Bug Repellant!
Good housekeeping is incomplete without using natural oils that offer a world of benefits without costing big. Plus, they enrich the indoor air quality by adding to the sanitizing effect. With its active ingredients rich in Citral and Geraniol, the lemongrass oil makes for a potent insecticide to repel bugs. It helps to maintain sanitized indoor environment by fighting away mosquitoes, fleas and ants. Featuring a mild aroma, the botanical oil can be directly applied on the skin in trace amounts or can be sprayed around the property by adding a few drops to the cleaning liquid preparation.
Please remember that these benefits of LEMONGRASS OIL are applicable when you get the real deal, i.e. genuine natural oil, without fillers, synthetics or chemicals. Watch this space as we discus more real essential oils, handpicked by our team. If you have a query or want a quote for wholesale rate pure herbal extracts or aromatic oils, please CONTACT US!


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