Argan Essential Oil- For rejuvenated skin and lustrous hair

Argan Essential Oil- For rejuvenated skin and lustrous hair

Origin and Properties

Containing rare plant sterols (Shottenol and Spinasterol) that's not found in any other vegetable oil, the cold-pressed Argan oil boosts the immune system and is a perfect remedy to falling hair and ageing skin. The Phytosterol composition (plant fat) stimulates your skin pores for detoxification and prevents transepidermal water-loss.

Medicinal Facts

Consisting high levels of Tocopherols and Saponins can easily help in cooling any kind of inflammation. Rejuvenate your skin with this therapeutic Argan Essential Oil that leaves your skin smooth and wrinkle-free by restoring the skin's high lipid layer. Experience multitudes of advantages by incorporating Argan oil in your daily lives. Healing your hair and skin, this essential oil is high on quality.Β Β 

Benefits and Uses

-Great to be used as an ingredient in all your cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, skin, and hair care.

-Containing plant fats this Argan oil stimulates pore detoxification, thereby improving the immune system.

-The sterol composition in the Argan oil reduces inflammation and delays ageing of the skin. Best oil for exfoliation of skin.

-Restores the skin, and provides nutrition to the hair, reducing hair fall.

-This Argan oil absorbs easily on the skin and does not leave any residue behind. Gives your skin and hair a natural boost,Β  moisturizing and hydrating them well.

-Use it as a facial moisturizer and see effective skin toning results.

-Get rid of your itchy scalp and all your dandruff fungal issues by applying this on your hair. It repairs your hair follicles andΒ  promotes hair growth.

Check the official website of Health and Beauty Natural Oils to buy Argan essential oil. Get silky smooth skin and lustrous hair by using this oil routinely. This emollient oil with natural Argan extract is sure to deliver effective results. Available in an extensive range of beauty and hair products, this essential oil is sheer bliss to use.

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