5 Potential Health Benefits of Thyme Red Essential Oil

5 Potential Health Benefits of Thyme Red Essential Oil
The much talked about Thyme Essential Oil is, undoubtedly, a very useful product derived from the steam distillation of the leaves, stems, and flowers of the plant variety Thymus vulgaris. Known for its culinary, medicinal, and spiritual benefits, it is important to know that thyme essential oils essentially come in two commercial varieties: red thyme and white thyme. Here, we’ll discuss on the primary health benefits of red thyme essential oil. But before that, let us start with what it is!

An extract of the Thymus vulgaris, the Red Thyme Essential Oil belongs to an aromatic herb of the mint family – native to Southern Europe. It has a sweet yet sharp, herbaceous aroma with subtle sweet and spicy overtones. Apart from culinary purposes, it is commonly used for its medical applications.

Potential Health Benefits of Thyme Red Essential Oil

1.      Red thyme is an effective choice if you suffer from skin problems, like wounds or acne. Apply thyme essential oil on the affected skin area. A small skin patch test for any possible allergy to the thyme oil is recommended. Overuse of red thyme can also lead to skin irritation

2.      If you suffer from weak memory problems, fatigue, or depression – the red thyme essential oil is sure to help you out in many wonderful ways. It keeps you alert and your mind sharp.

3.      Red thyme oil can be quiet beneficial for occasional digestive upset. It can also be used by asthma patients for inhalation by adding a few drops into hot steaming water.

4.      Red thyme is very effective in head lice treatment. It provides a great alternative to parents who are usually afraid to apply risky potent chemical insecticides to their children's heads.

5.      Thyme Red Essential Oil, being extracted from a medicinal herb, works as an antiseptic, bactericidal, diuretic, antifungal and a sedative. Add a few drops to your bathwater to do away with skin irritation problems. 

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