Avocado Oil, Refined

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BOTANICAL NAME Persea Americana
CAS 8024-32-6
EC 232-428-0
Oil Part of Plant Pulp
AROMA PROFILE Light, rich, buttery, nutty



Additional information

Explore premium Extra Virgin Avocado Oil sourced in bulk quantities from HBNO® , your trusted carrier oil supplier. HBNO® ensures quality and reliability for your manufacturing and distribution needs. Discover high-quality Extra Virgin Avocado Oil available in bulk, perfect for businesses requiring large quantities for various applications. HBNO® offers Wholesale and Private label services for Extra Virgin Avocado Oil.

As a leading supplier of high-quality Carrier oils, HBNO® offers wholesale prices for bulk quantities of Refined Extra Virgin Avocado Carrier Oil. HBNO® also offers private label services for your company's retail products and can assist with custom formulations of your products containing Extra Virgin Avocado Carrier Oil.

AROMA: Avocado Extra Virgin Oil Carrier Oil has a rich, nutty aroma with a hint of avocado fragrance. It is extracted from the flesh of ripe avocados using a cold-pressing method, preserving its natural nutrients and properties. 

USAGE: Avocado Extra Virgin Oil contains Vitamins A, D, and E and proteins and is known for its moisturizing and nourishing properties.

Fragrance and Perfume: It is a natural scent that may not align with the desired fragrances in perfumes and fragrances.

Personal Care:

  • Cosmetics: Avocado oil's rich and moisturizing properties make it a beneficial ingredient in cosmetics, particularly in creams, lotions, and foundations.

  • Soaps: Its conditioning and hydrating effects make it suitable for use in soaps, helping to maintain skin moisture.

  • Body Oils and Lotions: Avocado oil can be used directly or as an ingredient in body oils and lotions for its moisturizing benefits.

  • Body Sprays and Mists: Its heavier texture may limit its use in body sprays and mists, but it can still be incorporated for added hydration.

  • Skin and Hair Moisturizers: Avocado oil is popular in skin and hair moisturizers due to its nourishing properties.

  • Shampoos and Conditioners: It can be included in shampoos and conditioners to moisturize and nourish the hair and scalp.

  • Lip Balm: Avocado oil's moisturizing qualities make it suitable for use in lip balms, helping to keep lips soft and hydrated.

Home Care:

  • Dietary Supplement: Avocado oil is consumed orally as a dietary supplement for its health benefits, particularly its high content of monounsaturated fats and antioxidants.

  • Food Flavorings: It is frequently used in cooking and food preparation, adding flavor and richness to dishes such as salads, dressings, and marinades. Refined Extra Virgin Avocado Oil has a high smoke point, making it a good oil for frying and baking.
Pet Care:

  • Pet Shampoos and Conditioners: Avocado oil may be used in pet grooming products for its moisturizing effects on fur and skin.

  • Nutritive Ingredient in Pet Food: Similarly, it can be included in pet foods as a source of healthy fats and nutrients.
Industrial Usage:

  • Industrial Lubricant: Refined Extra Virgin Avocado Oil can be used -- in lieu of petroleum products -- as a non-toxic biodegradable lubricant for machinery as it withstands high temperatures and its medium viscosity makes it a good lubricant for moving parts.

HBNO® is a leading supplier of Refined Extra Virgin Avocado Oil. 

We supply any quantity of oil to anywhere in the world. HBNO® Refined Extra Virgin Avocado Oil ships wholesale in bulk containers of various sizes, including 1 gallon, 5 gallons, 20 liters, or in any other quantity required by our clients. HBNO® also provides a full turn-key private label service of Refined Extra Virgin Avocado Oil.

  • Prompt dispatch from HBNO 's 100,000 sq foot California warehouse.
  • Technical documents, SDS, Specification, COA available upon request.
  • Bulk packaging and private labeling services available.


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