Parsley Seed Essential Oil

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BOTANICAL NAME Petroselinum crispum
CAS 8000-68-8
FEMA 2836
EC 281-677-1
Oil Part of Plant Seeds
AROMA PROFILE Green, warm, spicy, herbaceous



Additional information

Parsley seed oil has a green, spicy, herbaceous aroma and is used in aromatherapy and in skin care products. It is often used in soaps and shampoos for sensitive skin and hair, as can help remove excess oil without drying out the skin.
Parsley essential oil is sometimes used as an ingredient in niche perfumes and fragrances to add a unique, more complex, unexpected scent.
Parsley seed oil an environmentally-friendly natural insecticide with a spicy aroma that many pests find unpleasant, and can be used to repel and kill a variety of pests, including aphids, ants, flies, and mosquitos.


HBNO® Parsley Seed Essential Oil
We supply any quantity of oil to anywhere in the world. HBNO® Parsley Seed Essential Oil ships wholesale in bulk 55-gallon drums (180 kg drums). Also available in 1 kg, 4 kg, 25 kg, 180 kg pack sizes, or in any other quantity required by our clients. HBNO® also provides a full turn-key private label service of both conventional and organic oils.

HBNO® is a leading manufacturer of Parsley Seed Essential Oil.
Prompt dispatch from HBNO’s® 100,000 sq foot California warehouse.
Technical documents, SDS, Specification, COA available upon request.
Bulk drum and private labeling services available.

Essential Oils Caution Statement and Disclaimer: The information provided is general. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure the safe usage of this product in their specific formulations. Essential oils are concentrated natural extracts intended for use in a mixture. For all applications other than aromatherapy, dilute well before using.


Avoid use if pregnant. The FDA has not evaluated the above statements. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheets for safety information of this product prior to handling. The information provided is presented preliminarily, prior to your own research and validation. Any recommendations concerning the possible use of our products as described are not intended to be, or to be taken to be, as medical advice and in no way presented to diagnose, cure or treat any medical or other health condition. No warranty is expressed or implied. This information is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor is it intended to prescribe in any way. This information is for educational purposes only and may not be complete, nor may its data be accurate. All written material copyright of IL Health & Beauty Natural Oils Co., Inc
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Parsley Seed Essential Oil

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