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Bamboo Fragrance NATURAL

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About the Product


If you enjoy the fresh, clean, and earthy / herbal aroma of bamboo and wish there was some way you could bottle that scent, then look no further! This wonderful fragrance oil is 100% NATURAL!

Common Uses

· Aromatherapy

· Body spray / Perfume

· In a diffuser

· Air freshener

· Carpet cleaner(when added with baking soda)

· Hair products

· Lotions

· Pet care / grooming

· Deodorant / foot odor(add a few drops in shoes)

Essential Oils VS. Fragrance Oils

So what's thedifference? Essential oils are known to have much stronger properties when applied topically and are rarely used without first diluting. Fragrance oils are created by using a small amount of essential oils placed with a carrier oil which dilutes the oil, making it much more gentle than essential oils. More often than not the carrier oil used during this process is synthetic. Becausethe carrier oil used in some fragrance oils are synthetic, this allows a higher variety of scents and usually is much less expensive. This fragrance oil is 100% NATURAL! Which means synthetic carrier oils were NOT used in the making of this product.

Fragrance oils have no real therapeutic value, despite their lovely fragrance. Essential oils contain the true essence of herbs, flowers, roots, or resins and because of this, are known more for its therapeutic qualities. The aroma in fragrance oils can help to unwind and destress, but because it is already diluted, it does not contain enough true essence for it to mimic the properties / qualities essential oils are believed to have.


Bamboo Fragrance NATURAL

1. Diffusing Bamboo fragrance in your home / office space can help you to relax and unwind.

2. Blend Bamboo fragrance with other oils to help energize, detoxify, calm, and destress:

Suffer fromStress and anxiety?

Bamboo Fragrance NATURAL

Try blending this fragrance with oils such as Jasmine and lavender to help with anxiety, stress, and relaxation! This will help mimic the scent and feeling of walking through a tropical jungle after it rains.

Need a pick-me-up?

Bamboo Fragrance NATURAL

If you are looking for a stronger, more hygienic aroma, blend bamboo fragrance with citrus oils, peppermint, spearmint, or tea tree for a more energizing blend.

3. Add 5-10 drops of your fragrance oil per ounce to any unscented lotion / hair products

Bamboo Fragrance NATURAL


· Test on a small area before applying all over

· If your hair or skin has a negative reaction, discontinue use

4. Ran out of dryer sheets again? Or looking for environmentally friendly solutions?

1. Cut 5 inch squares from an old t-shirt (cotton best soaks the oil)

2. Add up to 5 drops of your fragrance oil to your fabric squares