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Are you thinking of a place where to buy essential oil bottles? Health and beauty natural oils (HBNO) bring you mini essential oil bottles at affordable prices. Buy empty essential oil bottles at a wholesale price. All you have to do is make an order of as many bottles or droppers, we will ship to your location without delay.


We sell glass bottles for essential oils. You can also buy a large bottle for peppermint oil at a great price from our online store. HBNO has different glass bottles of every size. So whether you want something small to keep essential oils or a large glass bottle for any beauty product, we can provide accordingly. Our glass bottles come in many shapes, sizes, and colors:

  • If you have any liquid that is not affected by direct light, then a clear glass bottle is advisable;

  • If on the other hand, you have a product that is sensitive to light, a colored bottle such as our blue bottles will be perfect.

Another alternative is to use amber empty essential oil bottles. These specific bottles are special because they reduce levels of UV radiation. Instead of UV radiation damaging your products, it is absorbed by glass bottles.


Essential oil dropper bottles are perfect for taking small amounts of a liquid. They make it easier for you to reduce wastage. If you have to use an exact quantity of essential oil to use in beauty products, then a dropper is what you need. Essential oil dropper bottles come in different styles depending on the function. This gives you a wide range of droppers to choose from.

Our Advantages

Getting your essential oil glass bottles from HBNO has so many advantages. First of all, you can select between blue and amber glass bottles which come with droppers. We ship our bottles and droppers to any part of the world. When you order items that cost more than $100 we offer a discount. It usually takes 2-3 days before we can ship because we make sure that wholesale glass bottles for essential oils are safely packed so that they do not break.

Should you need customized bottles, we can arrange that also. We deal with many beauty products, so you can buy your bottles and essential oils as well!