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Benefits of essential oil blends

Essential oil therapy or aromatherapy is one of the most popular therapies used to improve the health of the body and spirit. Aromatic essential oils have been used for massages, herbal baths and inhalation for more than two centuries. They have proven themselves perfectly as a means of relaxation. These days, attention to essential oils is constantly increasing, because most modern studies show the benefits of using such oils for the skin. Also, according to the latest research, essential oils have a good effect on the tone and color skin.

Increasing efficiency when using mixtures of essential oils

The latest research in the field of essential oils suggests that the use of a mixture of citronella, lemongrass and patchouli oils has a positive effect on the skin. It has been proven that citronella, lemongrass and patchouli oils have a positive effect on skin and its color.
Research shows that a blend of ginger and olive oil essential oils can help improve mood by reducing negative emotions and increasing positive emotions, especially feelings of contentment and satisfaction.
Also, the latest studies of the effect of essential oils on the human body say that periodic inhalation of oil significantly reduces fatigue in women and allows them to relax.

HBNO quality control

At HBNO, each batch of oil undergoes thorough research to ensure that the oil meets all the company's requirements. The parameters that the essential oil must meet include humidity, smell, consistency. At HBNO, Health and Beauty Natural Oils, the quality of our essential oils is unquestionable, we offer only the best!

Application practice and application methods
Practices and application methods vary depending on many factors. Individual research is required.

Contraindications to colds

Despite the fact that essential oils are completely safe, users have reported side effects. In order not to fail your health, carefully read the content of the essential oils you decide to purchase. If the composition of the essential oil that you liked contains plants to which you have an allergic reaction, it is better to refrain from purchasing this particular oil.

HBNO - oils for beauty is our mission

HBNO is to bring you products of the highest quality and affordability. Health and Beauty Oils is committed to bringing the highest quality essential oils directly from the farmer to you without the middleman. As a manufacturer and retailer, we at HBNO can provide our customers with the most competitive price and quality anywhere. We believe in supplying you with essential oils straight from the living plant because our mission is to ensure that you are getting the best that nature has to offer!

HBNO - Oils for Health - Customer Satisfaction

• CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We strive to provide the most reliable service to every customer. However, if for any reason you receive damaged or incorrect items, please contact us through the Amazon platform and we will guarantee your 100% satisfaction. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied.

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