The Aromatically Rare and Rich Floral Waxes

The Aromatically Rare and Rich Floral Waxes

What Are Floral Waxes?

Derived from flower petals, a floral wax is a waxy by-product that is extracted while processing flowers for their fragrances. Flowers like Blue lotus, Cassie, Black currant, Chamomile, Geranium, Jasmine, Mimosa, and Lavender make a wonderful pedestal to delicately extract their aroma and use them extensively in the cosmetics industry.


How Are They Made?

A lot of magical processes go into capturing the fragrance of the flowers until the solid aromatic by-product of floral waxes is left. Floral wax wholesale is possible only after extracting the subtle wax from the manufacturing of absolutes.


Absolutes are a lot like essential oils but different in the production process. Both are concentrated and highly aromatic oils that come from flowers and other plant parts. Absolute is manufactured via solvent extraction or enfleurage and it leaves behind the mildly fragrant, and tropical mass of floral wax. 



Varieties in Floral Waxes

Floral Waxes are intriguing and usage makes them more interesting  because they can be used as a wonderful additive to so many products such as high-quality perfumes, lip balms, and body ointments. The rose floral wax and jasmine sambac floral wax are derived from floral elements whereas bee's wax absolute is another sweet and delicious wax made from honeycomb and brings luxurious notes of honey to your concoctions.


Using The Floral Waxes Correctly

The use of floral waxes in products like floral wax candles can be stiff as they are a bit coaxing to melt and require a double boiler to prevent them from burning or scorching. The floral wax design is free from the traditional petroleum-based real waxes that make them more efficient in capturing a gentle aroma. 


The organic floral waxes can be incorporated into a variety of products and their fragrance intensity can be customized by adding an undiluted bit of carrier oil/liquid wax, such as jojoba. To retard oxidation, introduce a touch of Vitamin E or low alpha tocopherols into your perfect recipe and enhance the product's shelf life which might not be required if water is absent in the formulation as it is 100% oil-based and restricts bacterial growth.


Subsume the subtle and relaxing fragrance of the rare floral waxes or surprise your friends and family with wonderful handmade floral wax gifts.

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